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Fifa Museum
Lufthansa Aviation Training
B. Braun Melsungen AG
Bundesministerium für Bildung & Forschung
Städel Museum

With VR and AR, we can give our customers interactive 3D demonstrations of our medical devices at any time. Employees can train on realistic digital twins without blocking real equipment.

Timo Klaus Barthelmes, Head of Digital Communications B. Braun AG
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VR training is scalable, repeatable and flexible. With this technology we can break new ground in training.

Björn Eckermann, Safety & Service Training Lufthansa AG

With NMY's VR simulations, we generate data sets from realistic driving scenarios, which we use to further develop our driver assistance systems using AI analysis.

Holmer-Geert Grundmann, Senior Project Manager Continental AG

NMY breaks new ground with our hand tracking technology and adds real value, like training medical professionals in VR with realistic hand interactions on digital twins of real devices.

Richard Warwick, Director Ultraleap

In true-to-life virtual patient rooms, our nurses learn the nursing trade: from hand disinfection to changing a PEG tube. VR brings a new quality to our training.

Eveline Schlick-Soffner, Ausbildungsleitung Helios AG