Helios VR-Training for Nurses
VR Healthcare Training

The virtual patient room revolutionizes the training of nurses

The Helios hospitals expand their training program into virtual reality: Nursing staff learn important work steps from everyday hospital life down to the last detail on simulated patients in a virtually reconstructed patient room. Healthcare VR training at 37 locations combines the flexibility of digital training with the physical experience of on-site training.

  • For 5,000 trainees per year

  • Training centers now ready for VR

  • Step-by-step learning in real-life simulations

In true-to-life virtual patient rooms, our nurses learn the nursing trade: from hand disinfection to changing a PEG tube. VR brings a new quality to our training.

Eveline Schlick-Soffner, Educational Center Helios-Kliniken

Initial performance results show that virtual reality improves learning and results in higher GPAs than a non-VR control group.

Helios Kliniken
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Sebastian Demmerle, CEO & Founder

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Sebastian Demmerle, CEO & Founder