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The NMY R&D team combines sensor technology, hardware, and software for maximum virtual reality immersion in the flight and racing simulator.

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Top Features

The NMY R&D team takes virtual reality immersion to the next level: flight and racing simulations become a virtual experience on par with reality thanks to a sophisticated interplay of sensor technology, hardware, and software.


As an innovation studio, we are driving the user experience in virtual reality by adding realistic feel and haptics to VR goggles. Inspired by racing and flight simulations, our R&D team develops a motion simulator that makes VR experiences even more believable.


The VR Motion Simulator's pilot cockpit stands on four pneumatically driven legs that move in sync with the virtual world. This enhances the virtual reality immersion dramatically – body and VR simulation merge into one.


Maximum immersion requires maximum comfort. The Motion Simulator calculates the sensory movements in real time from the data generated in the VR application. The exact calculation and seamless movement prevents motion sickness and promotes immersion.

The Motion Simulator makes VR experiences tangible.

The movements are calculated in real time from VR data.

Users experience racing and flight simulations with maximum immersion.

Key Takeaways

  • Future – R&D with and for VR

  • Experience – Feel VR with all senses

  • Technology – That is fun and useful

Our Motion Simulator is the result of our innovative R&D team. As an innovation studio, we are constantly researching new forms of human-computer interaction and UX optimization. With the simulator, users experience and feel our VR applications with all their senses.

Sebastian Demmerle, CEO NMY
NMY CEO Sebastian Demmerle ### NMY CEO Sebastian Demmerle
Sebastian Demmerle, CEO

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