All in One: NMY's Full-Service for Tailored 3D Solutions

What we do

Empowering companies with innovative XR/AI-based environments, we lead them into the virtual future, transforming training, marketing, and collaborative experiences.

Augmented Reality - AI - Spatial Computing - Metaverse - Coachings - Technology Demonstrations
Training - Immersive - Learning - Edutainment - Brand - Sales

Immersive Learning
Training & Education

As a leading developer of 3D simulations and game-based learning, NMY helps companies develop digital learning and training platforms. We focus on delivering customized onboarding, training and education solutions that seamlessly align with each client's unique communication and learning objectives.

Brand Experiences

We craft immersive, three-dimensional worlds that breathe new life into brand narratives and present them in innovative ways using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). From events and corporate campuses to immersive metaverse settings, we create custom interactive experiences that align with each client's unique strategy.

Virtual Engineering

NMY's services advance technology, science and innovation. With 3D Simulations and Digital Twins we accelerate and streamline research and development. To train custom AI systems, we generate synthetic data tailored to the client's needs.

Goethe Universität
Fraunhofer IGD
LMU München
Sebastian Demmerle, Geschäftsführer

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Sebastian Demmerle, Geschäftsführer

Our Service

World-class spatial computing solutions - immersive experiences and user-centric 3D software. We take our customers from ideation through development and into operations.

XR - Extended Reality

Tailored and customized to your needs, our development services ensure high-quality single and multi-user XR software for both mobile stand-alone HMDs and stationary platforms across all platforms.

  • Excellent user experience design
  • World-class graphics & storytelling
  • High usability
  • Maximum performance

LBE - Location-Based XR

We create environments and rooms for location-based XR systems, ideal for virtual training, brand experiences, and entertainment at corporate locations.

  • Set up tracking systems
  • Implement control interfaces
  • Real-time management
  • Interaction with physical objects

User Experience Technologies

  • Hand & Finger Tracking: NMY uses innovative machine learning algorithms to improve interaction in virtual spaces.
  • Eye Tracking: We integrate advanced eye tracking systems for precise gaze interaction and analysis.
  • Conversational AI: We use natural language processing to create conversational user interfaces in XR applications.
  • AI User Experience: Our integration of machine learning models enables personalized, adaptive XR experiences.

Browser and screen-based 3D apps

To extend the reach of your 3D content and applications, we make your content and applications accessible across a range of devices to ensure broader audience engagement.

  • Web GL (3D) for browsers
  • Native Android & iOS applications
  • Desktop applications (PC & Mac)

IT Management

NMY provides comprehensive XR management, from secure application distribution to continuous updates.

  • We specialize in API development and seamless integration with your network, including LMS.
  • Services include troubleshooting, optimization, security updates, and compatibility management.
  • We also provide device management, online help desk and 2nd level support for efficient issue resolution.

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