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Discover our NMY SPACES Showroom - your gateway to the future of computing. Dive into cutting-edge technology and be inspired by real-world applications. Experience the latest business innovations firsthand.

Experience new technologies
Inspiration & Fun

Explore the business opportunities of the latest 3D technologies in our NMY SPACES showroom. Immerse yourself in exciting VR arcades, multi-user metaverse demos, and exhilarating motion simulator rides. All while learning and having a great time.

Demos and Workshops
Hands-on learning

Dive into the world of immersive media, uncover the potential of the metaverse, and explore the transformative impact of VR, AR, and AI on the business landscape through engaging hands-on workshops and personalized coaching.

Our workshop offerings

NMY SPACES I Event Location I VR Zone 1

Metaverse Preview
NMY Virtual Reality Hub

Experience seamless connectivity, whether on-site or remote, with the NMY Virtual Reality Hub. Meet in life-like virtual spaces that foster new digital approaches to collaboration, training, and communication enabled by mobile, connected VR headsets.

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Full Body VR
Motion Simulator

Put your skills to the test! Can you drive the fastest lap or navigate the NMY spaceship? In our motion simulator, you can experience virtual reality with your whole body, fully immersed in the action.

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Anela Ujevic, Marketing Manager

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  • Understand the impact of emerging 3D technologies through hands-on exploration.
  • Discover the business applications of VR, AR, and AI through real-world scenarios.
  • Get a good shake in our motion simulator.

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Anela Ujevic, Marketing Manager