Virtual Animal Evaluation
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When does a stupid cow become a holy cow? Our 3D application allows us to analyze the health, performance and business value of livestock and to optimize agricultural processes - created by NMY.

  • 22 years

    year life expectancy

  • 40 km/h


  • 1.100 kg



The updated animal welfare ordinances present challenges for farms. In this interactive, playful 3D app, these fears are resolved and new business potential is opened up.

NMY I Virtuelle Nutztier Evaluation I Kuhfigurator


The condition of the cow is tracked and saved step by step. A 3D illustration of the cow immediately shows how healthy the animal is.

NMY I Virtuelle Nutztier Evaluation I Health Management

Health management

With the help of the simplest interactive mechanisms, the condition of the animal is mapped virtually and continuously tracked.

NMY I Virtuelle Nutztier Evaluation I X-Plattform Distribution


The app is designed and optimized for iPad and Android tablets and is available free of charge from all app stores and can also be used in the browser.

NMY I Virtuelle Nutztier Evaluation I Gesundheitscheck

On the basis of the Animal Welfare Act for agricultural operations, livestock keepers are obliged to constantly monitor the health of the animals.

NMY I Virtuelle Nutztier Evaluation I 3D Realtime Simulation

The 3D realtime simulation manages to master this challenge confidently and at the same time to undertake possible business optimizations.

NMY I Virtuelle Nutztier Evaluation I 3D Avatar

Every farm animal can be created as an avatar in 3D and fed with data in the truest sense of the word.

NMY I Virtuelle Nutztier Evaluation I Tracking

Indicators for recognizing deficits can be tracked in a targeted manner and help to continuously track the condition of the livestock.

NMY I Virtuelle Nutztier Evaluation I X-Plattform

All 3D content is displayed in the browser without any loss of quality. But of course also on any smartphone or tablet.

Key Takeaways

  • Digitization - agriculture as pioneers

  • Identity - virtual twins of all farm animals

  • Tracking - health history at a glance

  • Multi-platform - use on the web or via app

  • Gamification - Moo!

Cows are super intelligent. Whether fitness, hygiene or a change in integuments - I track it, I owe it to them.

Marcel Hansen, farmer

New guidelines, new responsibilities. With the help of this tool everything becomes easier, more responsible and actually smarter.

Dr. Niels Schopp, German farmers' association