Virtual Seeing is Believing

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How and what do people with visual impairments see? ZEISS and NMY answer these questions with a VR app featuring eye tracking - and thus create understanding for people with visual impairments.

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    VR headset for new eyes

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    cameras for precise eye tracking

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    percent more empathy


ZEISS opens the eyes of normal-sighted people by making it possible to experience an eye disease virtually in an everyday situation. The message: people with eye diseases are significantly limited in everyday situations. We help them!

VR-Brille mit Tischtennisschlägern


We simulate a table tennis game including a visual disorder. The VR user can barely hit the ball. This sharpens the view of the impairment caused by an eye disease.

Setup für VR-Tischtennis mit Sehbehinderung


Using eye tracking in the VR headset, we capture the user's gaze and can thus simulate the visual defect precisely and individually per person.



The realistic VR simulation of eye diseases is used at trade fairs or during training sessions and creates awareness. ZEISS also uses the VR application as a tool for research and product development.

Frau mit Eye-Tracking-Grafik über dem Auge

We built eye-tracking technology into the VR headset that records eye movements.

VR-Tischtennis mit Sehbehinderung 2

Eye tracking detects where the user is looking in VR in real time.

Virtuelle Tischtennisplate mit Sehbehinderung

This allows us to accurately simulate blurred points or spots in the field of view and place them on virtual objects that the user is observing.

Frau mit SMI VR-Brille

Users rub their eyes in surprise after the VR experience: so this is how it feels to be visually impaired?

Key Takeaways

  • Empathy – seeing through the eyes of others in VR

  • Training – fostering insight among optical engineers

  • Experience – and thereby understand better

  • Future – VR as a research tool

  • Technology – that helps people

With VR, we can let people see the world through the eyes of others - that creates empathy.

Sebastian Demmerle, CEO NMY

I was happy that I could just take off the VR headset and see normally again.

Quality Manager at NMY