Showroom Master XR
Innovative Communication in the Real Estate Industry

Showroom Master XR: Virtual Experiences at the Point of Sale

Imagine guiding your customers into mixed reality worlds and having their full attention. With the NMY Showroom Master XR solution, our client from the real estate industry has everything under control for interactive 3D presentations.

  • With iPad operator control

  • 360° Product Experiences

  • 100 % Engagement

Interactive 3D presentations
Inspiring your customers in a new dimension

Our solution enables effective communication with customers, investors and employees through interactive tours, digital twins and mixed reality projections. In flagship stores, at the POS and in showrooms, special experiences are offered that capture the full attention of visitors.

Interactive living room configurator
Immersive experience with impact

Virtual and mixed reality fully captivate users. NMY focuses on top quality, outstanding design, and seamless integration. Our technologies inspire group and individual experiences, whether for corporate presentations, product experiences, or investor relations. An example is our living space configurator, which offers realistic and interactive design options.

NMY I 3D Wohnraum-Konfigurator I X-Plattform

The remote control for your employees
Everything under control

With an iPad app, employees have everything under control for the live 3D presentations. Immersive experiences for visitors are controlled with ease using digital dialog. Whether single or multi-user experiences, stories are staged, product experiences are configured and visitors are spoken to directly via headset.

The immersive 3D presentation was an incredible experience. We were able to explore the spaces realistically and interactively.

Nicolas Richter, Customer quote
NMY SPACES, Frankfurt a.M.

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