Learning & Development
Digital Learning with Spatial Computing & AI

Pushing the boundaries of digital learning

Understand concepts faster, apply knowledge with confidence, and have fun. NMY and Lufthansa Aviation Training have teamed up to drive the next evolution in digital learning. Join Flight Attendant Michelle on her journey to a customized, personalized training experience powered by cutting-edge technology.

  • Voice-Based Interface

  • AI-Driven Learning

  • Personalized Training

Learning Technologies
Redefining Usability and User Experience

NMY is at the forefront of dynamic learning environments that leverage spatial computing to maximize engagement and retention. Learners instinctively engage through natural voice interactions, precise hand tracking, and lifelike digital clones, resulting in a transformative learning paradigm.

AI-Guided Learning
Personalized Learning Paths

AI-powered assistants, data-driven learning, and voice interfaces enhance customization and personalization. Personalized learning paths align with individual needs and abilities, unlocking each learner's full potential.

Immersive Interactive Scenarios
Soft Skills Development

Soft skills such as communication and emotional intelligence are essential for many jobs. AI-powered feedback systems and engaging avatar-based scenarios provide tailored guidance and support, enabling personal growth and skill mastery.

Custom Analytics
Data-driven learning

Intuitive, personalized and effective: Data-driven learning puts the learner first. With AI-based insights and data-driven guidance, we open up new possibilities for a personalized learning experience. Our analytics show which learning areas need extra attention.

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