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NMY developed an interactive e-learning about energy and water supply with 3D infographics for OVAG Energie AG's Hof Grass Limes Information Center.

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Top Features

OVAG Energie AG extends education into the digital realm: a multitouch table covers everything about energy, infrastructure, and environmental protection. The interactive knowledge transfer particularly enlightens young target groups. Thanks to 3D visualizations, it is especially memorable.


At the public Limes Information Center Hof Grass, visitors discover the world of energy in the Technikum. The interactive meeting and information center is primarily a destination for young target groups such as school classes and kindergartens.


How does electricity reach the socket? How does our water supply cycle work? Visitors interact with an animated 3D world on a 1.5 by 2 meter multitouch table, the centerpiece of the Technikum. In this way, they playfully learn about modern water and energy supply and environmental protection.


The interactive 3D animations, visuals and info menus present complex knowledge in a simple, vivid and playful way. Several people can operate the multitouch table simultaneously. Thus, the digital showroom invites people to meet and exchange ideas together.

The multitouch table is an eye-catcher of the Technikum.

The animated and miniaturized 3D world illustrates water and energy supply.

People memorize interactive 3D visualizations particularly well.

Key Takeaways

  • Memorize – Interactive 3D experiences are more memorable than 2D information

  • Experience – Interaction strengthens understanding and promotes dialogue

  • Attention – The 3D table is a crowd puller

Interactive 3D experiences have a high play and fun factor. They therefore attract younger and older target groups alike. In the meeting and information center, they also serve as a conversation starter about an important topic: energy and sustainability.

Sebastian Demmerle, CEO NMY
Sebastian Demmerle
Sebastian Demmerle, CEO

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