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With TOUCHLAB®, we set a technological milestone in our collaboration with Airbus in 2007.

TOUCHLAB supported multi-touch even before the first iPhone was introduced. From 2007 to 2016, TOUCHLAB was used as an interactive crowd puller at trade shows and events.

Our innovative spirit changes the way information is presented and communicated: for impressive, interactive 3D simulations in real time and immersive experiences. As a spin-off of Fraunhofer IGD, NMY combines research and practical application of new technologies from the very beginning.

  • Multi-touch UI before iPhone

  • Worldwide trade show exhibit

  • Impressive sales presentations

Just a touch of a finger away
The Vision

As part of the project, NMY worked with Fraunhofer on the development of a multi-touch display and the associated software. The display visualizes complex relationships in an interactive and simple way. This groundbreaking project started in 2006, before the introduction of the iPhone, and set new standards for multi-touch technologies.

Real time stereo 3D
Immersive Presentations

The Instant Reality 3D framework and Unity Engine pave the way for a wide range of real-time simulations. Enhanced with active 3D curved projections, sound and LED installations, TOUCHLAB delivers immersive experiences that are way ahead of their time.

NMY Project | Touchlab

Made by NMY

Since then, TOUCHLAB has established itself as a presentation technology and is used as a highlight at trade fairs and conferences all over the world. The terminal, equipped with a 55-inch display and integrated computer, is used by numerous customers worldwide.

An exceptional demonstration of our technological capabilities.

Arnaud Lagardère, former majority shareholder EADS / Airbus

Touchlab is definitely the future of high-tech sales.

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Sebastian Demmerle, CEO & Founder

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