Training & Sales VR/AR Solutions
B.Braun Melsungen AG

Since 2015, NMY has spearheaded the development of 3D/XR software solutions for B. Braun, a global leader in medical technology. By optimizing the real-time 3D data value chain, NMY has streamlined training, sales, and customer services into a unified source, showcasing the power of their strategic consulting services in 3D transformation.

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  • Virtual- + Augmented Reality

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Recruiting & Onboarding
Virtual job matching

NMY transforms B.Braun's recruiting process through individual virtual reality job matching processes at career fairs. Potential employees experience an interactive introduction to the virtual world of B.Braun, for example in the VR game "VR Operating Room". Here, applicants playfully immerse themselves in the future of surgery by removing damaged blood vessels in a nanobot simulation. This gives applicants a unique insight into B. Braun's medical technology and helps them develop a deeper understanding.

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Digital Learning

Participants in NMY's digital learning environment experience interactive training in virtual reality (VR). One example is training for the OrthoPilot® Elite, a precision navigation system for hip surgery. Here, trainees can interact with the environment, move objects and make decisions in a realistic simulation. This immersive VR experience promotes engagement, understanding and retention.

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Aesculap Aeos®
Selling through impact

NMY uses innovative technologies such as augmented reality (AR) for the Aesculap Aeos® iPad app. Sales reps can use this app to beam the digital surgical microscope system into the real room and demonstrate it in immersive 3D. This facilitates communication with potential customers, who develop a detailed understanding of the product. These new sales approaches strengthen B.Braun's position as a leading medical technology company.

NMY's VR and AR experiences allow us to interactively present our medical technology to our customers in 3D, anytime, anywhere. Employees can train on realistic digital equipment without blocking real equipment.

Timo Klaus Barthelmes, Head of Digital Communications B. Braun AG
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NMY is breaking new ground with our hand tracking technology and adding value, such as training medical staff in VR with realistic hand movements on digital twins of real devices.

Richard Warwick, Director Ultraleap