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NMY is an innovation studio for mixed reality communication located in Frankfurt am Main and Montreal. We connect people, information and processes through digital innovations.

With spatial computing, we have been changing the way companies work and organize themselves since 2007. We develop digital 3D systems and applications based on the ideas of our customers for effective education, convincing marketing, insightful research, and digital services.

Current Projects

Aviation Training for lufthansa

Tens of thousands of Lufthansa flight attendants complete their flight safety training quickly and straightforwardly in virtual reality.

Mobile Sales Tool for B. Braun Melsungen AG

Medical technology is without a doubt one of the most innovative industries these days. B. Braun Melsungen AG hired us to develop a sales tool that is just as innovative for the company.

Synthetic Data Generation for Continental

With an avatar and driving simulation, Continental generates artificial user data for training on the AI software that provides suggestions for a better vehicle interior. This is faster and less expensive than real user testing.

XR Eye Trainer for Science and Research

NMY's newest research project enables an independent everyday life for elderly people suffering from macular degeneration.

What we do

Solutions Service Vision 2-1

Hello Future!

New technology fascinates us, but not as an end in itself. For more than twelve years, our applications have catered to real needs of clients. Thirst for knowledge and a passion for all things new are part of our DNA: NMY began as a spin off of the Fraunhofer-Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung (IGD). Until this day, we work closely with science institutes.

Solutions Service Concept 2-1

Digitalization with a vision, custom-made for you

All our solutions have one thing in common: quality, impact, and purpose are our top priority. We develop sustainable processes instead of one-time solutions.

NMY Spaces Showroom Arena

Discover the NMY Spaces showroom

In the NMY showroom you experience how new technologies change work and turn business models upside down. Experience VR, AR and AI in marketing, learning and collaboration using actual business applications. We answer your questions and enable you to make decisions.