NMY Mixed-Reality Communication

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NMY Mixed-Reality Communication transfers messages and information into a virtual and interactive world that can be experienced with all the senses. From cutting-edge 3D technologies, sustainable software solutions and excellent usability design we create innovative communication for trade fairs, presentations and sales activities, showrooms and the mobile world.

Eye Disorder VR

What do visually impaired people actually see? This question was answered by ZEISS in a VR application developed by NMY. The application raises awareness of people who are suffering from eye disorders.

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Town of Rottweil

ARKit city tour

NMY developed an AR app for the marketing department of the German town of Rottweil. In the app, the experience of visiting the town was transformed forever.

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Native and browser-based 3D Web Apps


NMY develops new 3D experiences for the internet.

  • Interactive 3D catalogues & product configurators
  • New 3D web experiences
  • Online 3D story telling & 3D web design

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Samsung | Städel Museum

Städel Time Machine

The Städel Museum and SAMSUNG in Frankfurt, Germany commissioned NMY to develop an app that enables users to virtually experience the museum in the year 1878.

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