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Fifa Museum
Lufthansa Aviation Training
B. Braun Melsungen AG
Federal Ministry of Education & Research
Städel Museum
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FIFA Museum
The first FIFA World Cup™

The FIFA Museum and NMY invite you on a VR journey back to 1930: In groups, museum visitors experience the boat trip to the first FIFA World Cup® in Uruguay as if they were there - including a tour of the stadium.

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Hilti AG
VR-Training for Fire Safety

Hilti embraces virtual reality with digital twins for fire safety training. VR combines the benefits of digital learning with realistic on-site simulation.

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Real World AR
Digital experiences at real locations

With NMY Unseen, we develop unique augmented reality applications that enhance real locations with captivating digital experiences: from interactive marketing adventures to entertaining digital tours and educational journeys.

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NMY reference | immersive learning | Helios

Helios clinics
VR training for nursing professionals

As experts in 3D simulations and game-based learning, NMY supports the Helios clinics in developing and implementing nursing training in virtual reality.

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Lufthansa Aviation Training
Certified VR Training for Cabin Crew

Every year, 20,000 flight attendants undergo mandatory training at Lufthansa. It's the first VR training program to be approved by the German Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics (LBA) and has won the German Excellence Award 2020 in the Training & Education category.

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