Mixed Reality Innovation Studio

Transform processes, enhance training, and create immersive customer experiences with tailor-made mixed reality and 3D innovations from NMY, your partner for more than 15 years. Discover how our integrated solutions improve efficiency and engage your audience.

Fifa Museum
Lufthansa Aviation Training
B. Braun Melsungen AG
Federal Ministry of Education & Research
Städel Museum

Helios Kliniken
Immersive Learning

As an expert in 3D simulations and game-based learning, NMY supports Helios Kliniken in developing and implementing virtual reality nursing training.

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Continental AG
Virtual Engineering

NMY's 3D simulations and digital twins accelerate research and development at Continental AG. We generate synthetic data for the training of individual AI systems, especially for the automotive industry.

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NMY unseen
AR experiences for tourism and culture

Immerse yourself in fascinating Augmented Reality worlds with NMY unseen. Experience exciting and interactive adventures outdoors and in extraordinary places. Leveraging our robust AR platform, we build custom AR applications for smartphones, all app stores, and advanced mixed reality headsets.

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Getting Started with XR
All you need to know

Learn how cutting-edge technologies can reduce costs and streamline processes. Our entry-level offerings let you explore the potential of immersive media, real-time 3D, digital twins, and AI simulations.

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