Autonomous Driving

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The pedestrian simulation system collects valuable data for the future interaction between people and vehicles in traffic. For more security and data-based knowledge - created by NMY.

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    growth by 2050

  • 500

    petabyte of Data

  • 11

    laserscanners, 7 radars & 14 cameras

Top Features

What could a concept for automobile manufacturers, suppliers and the legislature look like? These questions had to be answered in this research project.


Autonomous vehicles will significantly interfere with the dynamics of traffic, especially the interaction between cars and pedestrians.

NMY I Continental I Autonomes Fahren I Sicherheit


To ensure road safety, scientific studies are essential to analyze the behavior of passers-by.

NMY I Continental I Autonomes Fahren I Verifizierung


How will pedestrians interact in road traffic in the future if they cannot make eye contact with the driver when crossing a street? How will they get around safely in city traffic?

NMY I Continental I Pedestrian Simulator System

The pedestrian simulator system consists of a virtual reality application and an operator panel.

NMY I Continental I Pedestrian Simulator I Konfiguration

The operator configures a traffic situation in which passers-by move in traffic and have to interact with autonomous vehicles.

NMY I Continental I Pedestrian Simulator I VR Experience

Test persons are placed in a virtual world that depicts an existing street and feels so real that the authentic behavior of the passer-by can be simulated.

NMY I Continental I Pedestrian Simulator I Vorteile von VR

This type of data collection is resource-saving and flexible - a clear advantage of virtual reality in the context of scientific simulation systems.

NMY I Continental I Autonomes Fahren I Partner

The simulator is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and contributes to scientific work in the context of automated driving in the city of the future.

Key Takeaways

  • Simulation - the city of the future

  • Big data - behavior patterns become countable

  • Future - more security, more progress

  • Revolution - bye!

  • Added value - science-based insights

I think the topic is extremely important. I would love to go to work in a floating glass ball.

Nico Lanz, commuter

Who else is doing it. Everyone is talking about big data and such - but who is actually applying it? We do!

Dr. Wolfram Kresse, senior developer NMY