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See the unseen: With the 3D Sales Booster, ExxonMobil presents its industrial lubricating oils in an interactive 3D Sales App.

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Top Features

ExxonMobil makes sales three-dimensional: With the iPad app, users experience the lubricant portfolio interactively in 3D. This is how a well-oiled sales machine works.


With the 3D Sales Booster, customer meetings become an interactive experience. Prospects, customers, and the sales team see the advantages of ExxonMobil in three dimensions and gain new insights into the world of industrial lubricating oils.


Visualizations in 3D enable a profound product presentation. Future customers interactively explore each engine gearbox in 3D and disassemble it into its individual parts. Gamification makes it fun to experience the quality and functionality of the product. And that is effective sales.


Users experience an authentic 3D simulation of the physical product properties. At the same time, the app interface itself runs like a well-oiled machine: A little touch is all that is needed for intuitive operation.

The 3D Sales Booster App supports sales of the lubricant portfolio with impressive, interactive animations.

The 3D Sales Booster delivers unseen insights: it vividly conveys the advantages of the product for users.

An interactive infographic provides an easy-to-understand illustration of ExxonMobil's advantages compared to other manufacturers.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand – digital guides promote product understanding

  • Explore – effective sales thanks to interactive elements

  • Future – in product distribution = 3D

  • Marketing – that supports and inspires people

Mobile showrooms are an effective tool for product presentations. The gamification elements inspire people and make it possible to experience the product in all its aspects. It provides customers novel insights into product functionality and quality.

Sebastian Demmerle, CEO NMY
Sebastian Demmerle
Sebastian Demmerle, CEO

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