Virtual Reality Recruitment
Recruitainment in VR

Using VR for tailored job matching

Developed in partnership between PwC Germany and NMY, the PwC VR recruiting application for mobile standalone VR headsets gives potential new employees an interactive introduction to PwC at job fairs. Candidates immerse themselves in the virtual world of PwC in an intuitive, playful and fully immersive way.

  • For job fairs around the globe

  • Runs on standalone VR headsets

  • Immersive storytelling

Virtual Reality Recruiting Software for PwC
Welcome to your new employer!

PwC's immersive recruiting software opens up new ways to find the perfect talent, while reinforcing the brand as a forward-thinking employer.

Immersive Recruiting
Strongest brands attract the best talent

Immersive recruiting attracts qualified candidates who fit your culture, streamlines the application process, and strengthens your employer brand. It transforms the recruiting process into a compelling experience that enables deeper engagement and provides authentic insights. Innovative and efficient, it is a cost-effective way to attract top talent.

VR Onboarding

By extending VR from recruitment to onboarding, you can ensure a smooth integration of new employees and increase employee retention and productivity.