Hands-on Workshop: Mastering VR/AR Training for Business

  • Gain cutting-edge insights from real-world case studies.
  • Experience live demos and interactive XR sessions to make informed decisions.
  • Get exclusive access to Lufthansa's innovative VR Hub and elevate your training.
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  • Frankfurt

  • up to 6 participants

  • 8 Hours

Compact and ready for the field
How to plan your AR/VR training

NMY's comprehensive one-day workshop on VR and AR training equips businesses with in-depth, practical knowledge directly from industry experts, as well as exclusive access to Lufthansa Aviation's state-of-the-art VR Hub at Frankfurt Airport. This hands-on experience lays the foundation for informed decision-making when planning your training programs.

  • In-depth exploration of tools and technologies
  • Real-world cost-benefit examples
  • Compelling arguments tailored for all stakeholders, from IT to HR to specialist departments
  • Engaging demos, hands-on testing, and interactive creative sessions

One of a kind VR training in Europe
Visit the Lufthansa Aviation VR Hub

Discover a new benchmark in aviation training: Lufthansa Aviation Training pioneers Europe's first certified aviation VR training program, transforming the way we train. Our sophisticated virtual aircraft cabin streamlines the training process for 20,000 flight attendants annually, increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Experience the innovative Lufthansa VR Hub at Frankfurt Airport and discover the next generation of aviation training.

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Build the basis for your decisions
Experience XR Training

Experience the future of training through hands-on exploration: Workshop attendees will immerse themselves in the world of training and simulation applications by getting hands-on with the latest VR and AR technologies.

  • Discover diverse XR training examples from various industries
  • Explore implementation strategies for single and multi-user training
  • Gain an overview of cutting-edge technologies, from VR/AR headsets to tracking solutions

Design, develop, deploy
Step-by-Step Guide to successful XR training

Explore the fundamentals of digital education with XR: Join us for our interactive sessions, featuring a mix of creative and breakout discussions, as we introduce you to the key aspects of XR-driven digital education.

  • Learn from NMY clients' successful XR training experiences
  • Understand the cost-benefit analysis of implementing XR training
  • Explore development and implementation, from simulations to game-based learning and learning management systems

Businesses train employees faster and more cost-effectively with VR and AR, while experimenting with entirely new training scenarios.

Sebastian Demmerle, NMY CEO
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The workshop cleared up a lot of misconceptions and gave us a very good idea of how to implement our 3D education infrastructure for the construction industry.

Nikoleta Georgieva, Hilti AG


Lufthansa Aviation Training

Lufthansa Aviation Training Centre
Airportring Tor 24
60549 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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NMY Frankfurt

Headquarters, innovation studio and workshop location - about 10 minutes from the airport.

NMY Mixed-Reality Communication GmbH
Hanauer Landstraße 188
60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

+49 69 150 44 88 60

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Anela Ujevic, Event Managerin

Customize VR & AR training for your company step-by-step

  • Benefit from hands-on learning and insights from our references.
  • Gain exclusive access to Lufthansa Aviation's VR training in their VR Hub.
  • Engage in creative sessions and interactive demos to build the ideal foundation for your project's decision-making process.

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