XR Exploration Day

  • One-Day VR & AR Exploration
  • Perfect for team building & training
  • Boost your team's digital literacy
  • Ideal for up to 20 people
  • Inspire creativity, learn & have fun
  • Explore the latest technologies
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  • Frankfurt

  • Up to 20 people

  • 6 hours

Mixed Reality Experience Day

Discover the future of computing in an immersive exploration day designed to broaden your team's perspective. Explore the world of mixed reality with our creative VR and AR experiences that build team spirit. Introduce your team to innovative technologies that impact work and everyday life.

Held at our exclusive "NMY Spaces" venue in Frankfurt, Germany, on the scenic banks of the Main River, this event guarantees a memorable and enriching experience for your team.

Learning by doing

Participate in hands-on demos based on real-world scenarios led by our expert XR mentors. Your team will brainstorm and develop innovative approaches to seamlessly integrate VR and AR into their workflows. This inspiring day will expand your team's skills and change the way they work and collaborate.

VR & AR Stations

Experience XR Exploration Day at our state-of-the-art venue, NMY Spaces, equipped with the latest technology. NMY Spaces features a variety of VR and AR stations that allow teams to explore the potential of these technologies through real-world business applications. Sample stations include

  • Multi-user collaborative metaverse environments
  • Immersive training simulations
  • Entertaining motion simulators
  • Engaging location-based AR and VR demonstrations
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Spark innovation and creativity

Our exploration day is for anyone fascinated by emerging technologies. This thoughtfully designed experience emphasizes team spirit and innovation while fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

It requires no prior knowledge of VR and AR, welcomes all team members, and ensures a supportive and inclusive learning environment that fosters growth and discovery.

A fun way to stay ahead

We make learning fun: Teams engage in inspiring entertainment. Our fully hydraulic motion simulator offers thrilling car races and exhilarating roller coaster rides for an immersive experience. And there's much more to explore.

All inclusive

Experience hassle-free, all-inclusive pricing for groups of ten or more. We take care of every detail so you and your team can relax and enjoy the day.

  • Expert trainers, hosts, and speakers at your service
  • Exclusive access to the venue
  • Excellent catering included



09:30 AM

Arrival - Let's go! We get the team in the mood for the day.


10:00 AM

Introduction - How do businesses use VR and AR? Where is the technology headed?


10:30 AM

Open Space - Your team explores a variety of VR and AR demos at NMY Spaces stations.


11:45 AM

Creative Session I - Working in groups, we develop initial ideas on how to use VR and AR for your business.


12:15 PM

Lunch Break - Tasty NMY catering and, if the weather is good, a walk along the banks of the River Main with stunning views of Frankfurt's skyline.


13:00 PM

Creative Session II - With some sugar and oxygen in the system, we polish our initial ideas into compelling blueprints.


13:30 PM

Feedback session - Groups present their ideas and get feedback from the team and NMY coaches.


14:30 PM

Recap - We reflect on what we have learned and capture the moment with a memorable group photo.


15:00 PM

Open Space II Boxing, dancing, racing: Join us for a second round at our Open Space!

Anela Ujevic, Event Manager

Stay ahead of the curve with NMY's XR Exploration Day

  • Boost your team's performance and digital literacy with a one-day VR & AR exploration.
  • Spark creativity, learn and explore the latest technologies with up to 20 participants.
  • Kick-start your XR strategy and future-proof your business.

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