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Surgical simulations are the supreme discipline - the haute couture - of virtual reality. Our training tool for the OrthoPilot® navigation system guides surgeons who implant knee and hip prostheses - created by NMY.

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The virtual reality training platform conveys the manual skills for precise work as well as the mental concentration of surgeons - simulated in playful, round-based operation processes.

NMY I Virtual Surgery I VR Learning

VR learning

Surgeries are simulated and can be intuitively integrated into everyday work as new patterns of action, routines and perfected processes.

NMY I Virtual Surgery I 3D Environment


The application promotes understanding of medical equipment. At the same time, it's fun to use. Playful UX design and complex challenges convey a high learning curve.

NMY I Virtual Surgery I Haptisches Training

Haptic training

The immersive experience of the application is intensified by the integration of haptic elements such as vibration, breath analysis and sound recorder.

NMY I Virtual Surgery I OrthoPilot

The B. Braun Melsungen AG product range includes surgical instruments, implants, navigation systems and products for cardiology.

NMY I Virtual Surgery I OP Ablauf

B. Braun product innovations establish new, user-friendly processes for surgery.

NMY I Virtual Surgery I VR Training

Whether for surgeons, medical specialists or students, the training platform is ideally suited to deepen knowledge.

NMY I Virtual Surgery I Lerneffekt

Surveys show that the target group perceives technical information faster, more effectively and, above all, with a lot more fun.

NMY I Virtual Surgery I Vorteile

Multiplayer VR trainings reduce costs, logistic efforts and personnel costs.

Key Takeaways

  • Knowledge - learning through play

  • Craft - a virtual toolkit

  • Perfection - gamification provides incentives

  • Scalability - you only need VR glasses, o.k. maybe twenty

  • Cost - no travel, no hotels, no croissants

Actually, it is so simple. It's 2021. Why don't we use the tools that are already there? Well, now we're finally doing it. That makes me happy.

Timo-Klaus Barthelmes, head of digital communications

I actually wanted to be a dentist, but then surgery triggered me more. Since I like to play games in my free time, the app really attracted me.

Shahin Manal, surgeon

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