NMY unfold

The technology platform for virtual spaces and multi-user applications in virtual reality
Virtual Reality, Multi-User, Remote, New Work, Parallel Worlds
VR Training, Education, Virtual Meetings, Product Presentation in VR

If I want to exchange ideas, collaborate, then a pixelated webcam meeting doesn't get me anywhere.

Jan Eberl I Senior Developer NMY
Jan Eberl, Senior Software Developer NMY
NMY unfold I Intro I Multi-User

Much has changed. And a lot would have happened anyway, one way or the other. Because it makes sense. And because it is possible. We can meet virtually, design products together, visit distant places - whether real or fictional - and work together remotely. For ambitious employees who are dedicated to convey their vision. For teams that go to work to inspire each other. For organizations that have understood structural change and have arrived in the future.

NMY unfold I Intro

Virtual trainings, meetings and showrooms, this and much more is NMY unfold.

  • Software framework as the basis for virtual project work

  • Customizable spaces and avatars

  • Integration of products, devices and objects as 3D models

  • Gesture-based user interface

  • Interaction via virtual devices, sketching and drawing tools

Use Cases

A few examples, get inspired...

We resolve the emotional deficit of distance and increase the performance potential.

Sebastian Demmerle, CEO NMY

How it works: the session

Users receive VR glasses with a controller to start the application and join the virtual session

All participants are shown as abstract avatars. In order to strengthen identification and teamwork, the avatar can be personalized with a name, picture or color

The room can be changed and adapted to the topic of the session. Objects can be displayed and moved in 3D in space

Using a virtual smartwatch on the avatar's wrist, the user can follow the most important status updates - a classic chat process is transferred to the three-dimensional space

Using a virtual tablet, the avatar can also call up detailed information or share presentations with the participants

Participants can use a teleportation function to enter other rooms or be regrouped in order to convey specific content

  • Moderators can initiate a remote session but also participate themselves

  • A live connection to the software is possible via browser

  • Areas can be labeled and objects marked via a virtual user interface

  • Spatial Voice simulates realistic volume and allows silent rooms

  • Observers and mute participants can also dial in via the desktop

  • The application allows up to 30 participants to be organized in different team rooms

  • With the NMY Cloud, 3D assets and participants can be managed


When is a social interaction in virtual space meaningful and how do you create dynamics through immersion? That was the leading thought behind this idea.

Jules Monrey, Developer

At first you think simulations are spooky. Sure, I've played Second Life or The Sims, but it was totally narcotic. Now at least something actually happens.

Alexander Baumgärtner, Sales Director

At work I always asked myself: Is that what I want to do for the rest of my life and is this all I want to leave the world behind? Now I think: why not!

Julia Springl, Coaching-Teilnehmerin

Why, why, why?

Need - Users do things that they might otherwise never have tried - and find a new way of communicating with each other

Mankind - People are transported into other worlds. People are brought together. People become an ‘anytime-anywhere’ community

The big Why - Where are the VR glasses? How does new learning work? And when will I see my loved ones again? Everything is possible…