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A white label prototype that optimizes the maintenance and repair of household appliances using the example of the SIEMENS EQ.9 s500 coffee machine with the help of mobile devices and mixed reality headsets - created by NMY.

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Top Features

The core of the augmented reality instruction system is the optimal harmonization between user guidance and automated tracking software.

NMY I AR Manual I Digitalisierung


Complex maintenance processes are simplified and made easy for the user - this is how digital technology becomes part of an originally analogue process.

NMY I AR Manual I Usability


Each maintenance step is visually explained and thus, any workflow is optimized. The use of the mixed reality application is also extremely fun and feels like a game.

NMY I AR Manual I 3D Tracking


The innovative 3D tracking process, developed together with the cooperation partner Fraunhofer IGD, can also be dovetailed with other applications and UX concepts.

NMY I AR Manual I Object Tracking

The device is scanned with the help of object recognition. Digital information layers are displayed and build the core of the application - allowing direct interaction.

NMY I AR Manual I Usertesting

50 people tested and rated the user experience and compared it with the conventional printed instruction.

NMY I AR Manual I Joy of Use

People stated that they have way more fun with the app-based instruction and are more motivated during the maintenance of the device.

NMY I AR Manual I Digitales Assistenzsystem

The application is a pilot project for the development of future digital assistance systems that will be developed with scientific institutes and the framework of technology research projects.

NMY I AR Manual I Reduktion Servicekosten

As a benchmark for customer service and loyalty, the application reduces costs and offers a contemporary digital-first B2C service.

Key Takeaways

  • Tracking - scientifically verified 3D object recognition

  • Interface - augmented reality with purpose

  • User guidance - visual learning

  • Service - replacement of analogue tools

  • White label - XR for every device

Whenever I want a coffee, some random light starts flashing and I don't know what to do.

Joris Klause, user experience designer NMY

Instead of searching endlessly for the instruction brochure, I rather pick up my smartphone. And by the way, printed instructions are always ugly!

Dirk Swertfeger, head of strategy & brand marketing