Virtual Reality Training

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Lufthansa Aviation Training is an international program for the mandatory, sequenced training of the cabin crew. More than 200 leading airlines benefit from the implementation of this digital, self-organized coaching - created by NMY.

  • 20,000

    flight attendants per year

  • 9

    simultaneous participants per session

  • 2

    locations: Frankfurt & Munich

  • 1

    Certificate from the Federal Aviation Office (LBA)


In a realistic virtual environment, participants perform tasks that are specially tailored to the cabin crew's training plan.

NMY I Lufthansa I VR Training I Remote Cockpit

Remote cockpit

Up to nine participants can be accompanied, moderated and motivated via multiple video screens and live chat in a control center.

NMY I Lufthansa I VR Training I 3D Modelling

3D modelling

The aircraft was scanned in a complex process and translated into a 3D model. This basis can be used for every airplane type.

NMY I Lufthansa I VR Training I Gestenerkennung

Gesture recognizition

Users act intuitively through natural hand gestures in the virtual training room - without movement restrictions through controllers and cables.

NMY I Lufthansa I VR Training I Interface

The training is controlled via a smartwatch. An interactive interface with the virtual assistant ‘Via’ provides useful tips and instructions.

NMY I Lufthansa I VR Training I Virtual Instructor

The training scenarios are modular and interactive in order to create a long-term learning curve and to deepen content.

NMY I Lufthansa I VR Training I Operator

Scenarios based on a training plan make it possible to efficiently and regularly carry out prescribed coaching in the virtual space.

NMY I Lufthansa I VR Training I Gamification

Simulation, instruction design and gamification merge and thus exceed the limits of conventional learning methods.

NMY I Lufthansa I VR Training I Hardware

The virtual reality application is organized via the NMY cloud-based backend so that updates and maintenance work can be carried out worldwide at any time.

Key Takeaways

  • Service quality - for employees and passengers

  • Security - continuous improvement

  • Motivation - playful transfer of knowledge

  • Performance - anytime, anywhere

  • Resources - a win-win situation

Virtual Reality trainings are scalable, reproducible and enable a permanent and uncomplicated implementation of training measures.

Björn Eckermann, coach

At first I thought, how is that supposed to work? I always joked a little bit with my colleagues. But then, afterwards, we thought it was really cool. I would even do it at home.

Song Xi-Sing, flight attendant

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Lufthansa Aviation Training
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