Virtual Engineering
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Digital Twins & Simulations

NMY builds digital twins of physical systems that are precisely calibrated to emulate real-world scenarios. We enable companies to accurately replicate product features and designs digitally, accelerating and improving the go-to-market process.

By leveraging VR, we help develop prototypes while conserving physical resources. Our advanced simulation systems generate valuable synthetic data for training AI and creating immersive virtual environments.

Automotive data for AI training
Synthetic data

In a pioneering collaboration, Continental and NMY have developed novel software that digitally recreates vehicle interiors and presents realistic views of pedestrians in the environment. This software generates high-quality synthetic data that is essential for training AI models that serve as the basis for advanced driver assistance systems. With precise simulation of infrared and video cameras, this tool is pushing the automotive industry into new frontiers and revolutionizing the landscape of autonomous driving.

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AI makes VR and AR more tangible

Together with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), the Charité and the University of Passau, NMY is making VR and AR training tangible in the "greifbAR" research project. We use an artificial intelligence system to realistically simulate hand and object positions, enabling realistic grasping and working with simulated or real tools.

NMY I AR Manual I Whitelabel Prototype

Visual guidance for an intuitive user experience
Virtual Manual

With visual instructions in VR and AR, companies can communicate product features in a simple and intuitive way. For example, they can project complex maintenance procedures directly onto the device. This increases customer satisfaction and makes service easier.

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Dr. Wolfram Kresse, Team Lead Development


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