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VR Training in Aviation: Lufthansa Aviation Training and NMY Take Off

The Federal Aviation Office (LBA), Germany's central authority for civil aviation, has certified the unique VR training by NMY and Lufthansa Aviation, a first in Europe.

This certification by one of the world's most demanding authorities demonstrates that virtual reality training is recognized as a reliable training tool. It meets the high safety standards and regulatory requirements of civil aviation, proving that innovative solutions are possible even within heavily bureaucratic systems.

Efficient Training: 20,000 Flight Attendants Train in Virtual Reality Annually

Until now, the standard practice for training flight attendants involved certified trainers on operational aircraft. This training approach disrupts flight operations, adding additional time pressure for all parties involved.

On the other hand, VR training provides reliable training schedules and uniform, verifiable quality standards for the entire cabin crew. It consists of a series of automated, interactive exercises that flight attendants go through in a virtual environment. This allows them to learn and practice all the necessary skills as if they were on board a real aircraft.

Each year, Lufthansa Aviation Training trains 20,000 flight attendants using NMY's VR training software. This innovative technology allows for more efficient and flexible training that can adapt more easily to changing requirements. NMY's VR training meets the highest demands for safety and precision, especially during the “Safety and Emergency Procedure” training and the “Regular Recurrent Training”.

Lufthansa Aviation Training's confidence in this new technology is so significant that all employee contracts include an agreement for VR training.

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VR Training in Aviation: Efficiency on the Ascent

  • Automated qualification allows for training in a controlled environment without the need for on-site trainers.
  • It increases flexibility in case of flight schedule changes and disruptions in air traffic, as trainees can complete their training anytime, anywhere.
  • It’s more cost-effective and scalable than training in a real airplane.

Therefore, VR training enables a uniform quality standard for the entire cabin crew while simultaneously reducing costs. Upon completion of the VR training, the participants receive a license, without which they cannot fly. This license must be renewed every two years to ensure the quality and relevance of the training.

Innovation and Regulations: A Perfect Alliance in the Clouds

The certification by the Federal Aviation Office (LBA) – one of the most sensitive and prudent authorities in the world – recognizes VR training as a serious and viable training tool. Approval according to the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1998 demonstrates that VR training meets the high safety requirements of civil aviation.

Moreover, the project proves that profound innovative changes are possible even in a system characterized by rules and regulations. Through the dedicated collaboration between NMY and all parties involved, we were able to overcome all hurdles and promote openness to new technologies.

Pioneering Project: Digitalization on the Rise

The example of NMY and Lufthansa Aviation is not an exception: the entire aviation industry recognizes the potential of VR trainings.

The certification of Lufthansa Aviation's VR training paves the way for other airlines and aviation companies worldwide that want to take advantage of VR. The LBA is planning to issue more VR training certificates. VR training is spreading in the industry and beyond, also driving the ongoing digitalization in Germany.

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