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Created with NMY unseen - the white-label software for virtual tours and real-digital experiences in mixed reality

Location-based storytelling is taken to the extreme within this in-house prototype - it’s bizarre, funny, and technologically advanced. The customizable app framework can be easily adapted for marketing and education projects - created by NMY unseen.

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    Crazy bunny


Circus Obscura invites users onto a journey to solve tricky tasks and unlock a secret highlight and final performance.

NMY unseen I Circus Obscura 3D Tour I Gamification


Users experience attractions and are taken step by step into the obscure world. These points of interest are communicated audiovisually, via games and augmented reality elements.

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Style & Tonality

The style is colorful and psychedelic. The circus lives from its creatures and peculiarities. With humor and a pinch of irrationality, users experience a very special kind of entertainment.

Location-based Content

On the basis location-based data, content can be unlocked and information communicated interactively - this enables cities, cultural institutions and the tourism industry to act as publishers.

NMY unseen I Circus Obscura 3D Tour I Virtual Assistent

A crazy bunny named Monty leads visitors on a wild circus adventure and does his best to put on a good show for his guests.

NMY unseen I Circus Obscura 3D Tour I Monty

As the product of an ancient, royal but poor family, he has made it his life's work to build the best circus in the world and to earn fame & honor, i.e. cash & women.

NMY unseen I Circus Obscura 3D Tour I Montys Zauberstab

Monty has a personality disorder. His sidekick, the intelligent magic stick, brings Monty to reason when he goes nuts.

NMY unseen I Circus Obscura 3D Tour I Zirkuszelt

Once all the attractions of the crazy circus have been discovered, a special prize awaits the guest: a particularly obscure showdown.

NMY unseen I Circus Obscura 3D Tour I Lady Lacy

The application is representative of all types of interactive, digital tours. The content and exploration of hotspots can be adapted and continuously expanded.

Key Takeaways

  • Storytelling - people love stories

  • Courage - if you are different, you will be remembered

  • Personality - a host motivates and guides

  • Artwork - 3D artists create new worlds

  • Magic - an adaptive framework for any tour application

It was really like being in an animated film or an adult children's book. Sure, I know my way around in AR, but the best thing in this case is the way everything is told. That is rare.

David Kayzer, agency visitor

We found out that people expect more from a city tour than to see three towers, a river and a wall relief. What stories do we want to tell? And what is our identity as a travel destination?

Juliane Schmitt, city marketing manager
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The white-label software NMY unseen allows you an affordable und quick start to implement virtual tours with individual multimedia content. The licensing model for the native app is customizable and has an attractive price tag.

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