Solutions Digital Transformation: Is Your Company Ready for the 3D Era?

Are you ready for the digital age?

With our immersive technology solutions and extensive 3D expertise, we develop smart XR real-time systems and applications for our customers for effective training, convincing marketing, insightful research and intuitive service - scalable, with measurable benefits and sustainable lifecycle management. Our applications help customers automate processes, increase productivity, foster creativity and create digital 3D corporate identities.

Immersive Technologies

We change how companies work and organize themselves with augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D realtime technologies and KI.


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Solutions Technology XR-Technologies

Technologie and Know-how

Through investing in research and development we have learned that technology has the biggest impact when it's combined with each other and setup in processes.

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Strategy, consultation, development, technology, and support to develop, implement and operate 3D and XR applications.


Inspiration in the NMY showroom

Experience Mixed Reality

In the NMY showroom, you will perceive and understand how new technology changes the way you work and turns business models upside down. Experience VR, AR and AI in marketing, learning and collaboration through actual business applications. We answer your questions and enable you to make decisions. And yes, we also have a fully hydraulic virtual reality racing simulator in our showroom.

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