As mixed reality studio, virtual reality agency and architecture company for digital transformation, NMY develops innovation strategies, business models and applications.

Virtual Tours - Augmented Reality Apps - Sales - Digital Marketing - Trade Fairs
Meeting - Education - Training - VR - AR - XR - R&D - Science - Art - Culture - Digitalization
Games - AI - Virtual Twin - Biohacks - Literature - Health - Aviation - Automotive

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NMY develops tailor-made services and customizable white label products.

Based on research, NMY creates innovations for society. Also Enceladus likes this - a moon of Saturn that holds ideal conditions for the creation of new life.

What is your challenge?

What is your innovation project?

What is your mixed reality pilot?

Innovation partners

HTC Vive
Uni Tübingen

NMY Spaces - our Showroom

The latest mixed reality technologies to try out and explore.

The possible use cases for education, training, research, digital services and marketing have not yet been fully explored. Where is potential for specialization? What is the communication goal? Which topic, which niche can one occupy? And which innovation can change time and space?

Education - Coaching - Mixed Reality - Creative Workshop - Events - Talk - Session
NMY Showroom I VR Zone

Discover how new technologies are changing our work life and turn business models upside down. Experience application fields for VR, AR and AI in marketing, education and co-creation. As an independent provider of technology coaching, the NMY experts answer specific questions and enable you to make decisions for the post-smartphone age.

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NMY Showroom I Lounge
  • Virtual Reality Zone

  • Augmented Reality Zone

  • Mixed Reality Motion Simulator

  • Mobile Devices Lounge

  • Stereoscopic Realtime 3D Cinema


  • Gaming Playlounge & Catering

  • Pecha-Kucha-Sessions

  • Networking & meetups

  • Hackathons

  • Presentation arena with stage, 5x3m Movie- and Whiteboard Wall & seats for 30 persons

  • Conference room with interactive whiteboard

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