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NMY Mixed-Reality Communication transfers messages and information into a virtual and interactive world that can be experienced with all the senses. From cutting-edge 3D technologies, sustainable software solutions and excellent usability design we create innovative communication for trade fairs, presentations and sales activities, showrooms and the mobile world.
Featured Project

Connectivity Experiences

With more than 1.2 million visitors in 18 days, the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris is the most visited automotive exhibition in the world. In October, close to three hundred exhibitors present their ...

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Connectivity Experiences
Featured News

Interactive 3D-TV for everyone

As the only agency in Germany NMY offers a brand new solution to present in best stereo 3D quality on regular TV devices.

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Interactive 3D-TV for everyone
Interaktive Lösungen

Mixed-Reality Experiences

Unser technologisches Lösungsportfolio mit dem Schwerpunkt auf interaktive 3D Kommunikation.

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Interactive solutions for trade fairs, presentations and sales activities, showrooms and the mobile world
TOUCHLAB® - The ultimate plug and play multi-touch system for trade fairs, showrooms, expositions and roadshows


Der Plug & Play Multi-Touch Table von NMY begeistert auf Messen und Roadshows.

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