NMY Mixed-Reality Communication


NMYs interactive applications and 3D visualizations are not an one-time-show. Our applications connect to your product data bases and backend systems in order to use existing contents in a long term sustainable way, always under your control and always up-to-date. Empowering our customers to create, change and shift contents themselves are as important for interactive 3D media as it is for classical media formats. That is why we support integration with your existing content management systems and/or interfaces and processes with newly designed CMS functions.



Do you wish more information regarding our „CMS-Enablement“ solutions?

Or do your already have a certain idea and need an introduction on the possibilities of interactive marketing and digital sales tools?

Then contact us! We are happy to consult you on your interactive communication measures and guide you through NMY’s current solutions in our showroom.

Write to hello@nmy.de or use our contact form. We are looking forward to see you soon!

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