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We are going spatial!
Immersive Technologien aus dem Spektrum der Mixed Reality machen es möglich: Kommunikation und Interaktion mit virtuellen Informationen und Daten im dreidimensionalen Raum. In diesem Raum, dem sogenannten Spatial Web setzen wir mit unserer Expertise an. Seit 2007 fokussiert sich NMY auf Spatial Computing. Darunter zählen Technologien wie Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Künstliche Intelligenz und IoT (Internet of Things). Zusammen mit unseren Partnern aus Forschung und Industrie finden wir einzigartige Lösungen um Kommunikation, Bildung und Business überzeugender und innovativer zu machen.

Immersive technologies from the realm of mixed reality make it possible: Communication and interaction with information and data happens in the three-dimensional space. This space, the so-called Spatial Web, is where our expertise lies. Since 2007 NMY has focussed on Spatial Computing. This includes technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things). Together with industry and research partners, we endeavor to create unique solutions for communications, education, and business that are more innovative and convincing.

Solutions Technology XR-Technologies

Extended Reality (XR)

The extensive NMY know-how in 3D development is the foundation for scaleable XR software solutions to maximize gain from your digital assets. Our experts generally think across all media: From the high end VR headset, tablets, smartphones, to the web and AR headset.

  • Augmented- and mixed reality
  • Virtual reality (VR)
  • Mobile and web 3D
Solutions Technology Tracking


The basis of Spatial Computing is tracking: Sensors capture humans, objects, and entire environments. This information is then digitalized in real-time. Sensors register motions, interactions, and even emotions. With eye and face tracking technologies for example, you can always see what the users see - and even how they feel.

  • Body tracking (eye, face, hand, gestures)
  • Voice and bio tracking
  • Tracking of real objects and spaces
Solutions Technology Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) changes how humans teach computers to accomplish tasks: more efficient, exact, and automatically. NMY focuses on AI-based assistance systems and AI-supported analysis of user behavior in XR applications.

  • Deep learning
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
Solutions Technology Haptics


Mithilfe haptischer Technologien wird die digitale Welt spürbar: Mit speziellen Handschuhen greift der Nutzer ein virtuelles Objekt und sieht es nicht nur, sondern spürt es ähnlich wie in der Realität. Haptikanzüge vermitteln eine digitale Umarmung – oder einen harten Treffer. With the help of haptic technologies, the digital world can be felt: With special gloves users can grab a virtual object and they can feel it just like in the real world. Haptic suits transmit a digital hug - or a hard hit.

  • Motion bases
  • VR gloves and suits
  • Ultrasound

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