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We make sure that our solutions grow, perform, and that they are successful. To achieve this we combine experience with the right infrastructure and ideal conditions that turn the very best of ideas into real value for our clients.

Solutions Service Vision 2-1

1. Strategy

At NMY, technology applies to specific business cases in terms of your corporate strategy: Digital transformation is what the companies actually promote. Together your and our strategists develop the best solutions – we know that from experience.

  • Innovation und development workshops
  • 3D digitalization consultation
  • XR strategies
Solutions Service Concept 2-1

2. Concept

Beginning with the first consultation, we put all of our expertise into a tailor-made concept for your company. We determine the requirements jointly in advance: in in-depth analyses and workshops in our NMY SPACES location. We think about our projects in terms of the end results: What is the intended outcome and how can it be measured?

  • Rough concept for beginners
  • Functional concepts
  • Proof of concept & prototypes
Solutions Service Design and Development

3. 3D Content production

3D-Echtzeitdaten gewinnen in allen Unternehmensbereichen und Industriezweigen an Bedeutung. Für die Digitalisierung Ihrer Produkte, Räume und Objekte setzen unsere 3D-Designer effektive Workflows und neueste Scanningtechnologien für grafisch überzeugende Highend-Qualität ein.

3D real-time data becomes more and more important in all areas of business and industry. To digitalize your products, spaces, and objects, our 3D designers employ effective workflows and state-of-the-art scanning technologies. This way we deliver high quality imagery.

  • User experience design (UX)
  • 3D scanning and modeling
  • 3D design and animation
Solutions Effective Technologies Teaser

4. 3D / XR Software

Our extensive 3D software expertise allows you to use applications and content via smartphone, high end VR headset and through the web. With augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and tracking technologies, we change the way companies work and organize themselves.

  • XR-Applikationen (AR/MR/VR)
  • 3D-Echtzeitapplikationen für Mobile und Web
  • 3D-/XR-Softwaresysteme
Solutions Service XR Hardware Teaser

5. XR Hardware

We offer specialist hardware like haptic and sensor technology to optimize user experience. The goal is to increase immersion and authenticity in the 3D space by using motion simulators or haptic VR gloves. To monitor and operate XR infrastructures, we develop command & control units that support your team throughout all processes.

  • XR command & control unit
  • Interaction controller
  • Motion simulators
Solutions Service Lifecycle Management bg

6. Application Lifecycle Management

In all our projects, we develop custom-made XR infrastructures that help make your company 3D ready. Our extensive service packages then maintain the status quo.

  • 1st and 2nd level support
  • Onsite und remote support
  • App administration and distribution

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