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Show information where it is effective: directly on the product or the machine.

Visual interactive guides and operating instructions designed by NMY are easy for everyone to understand and use. AR manuals show information directly on the device. Your customers will get more out of your product with less effort and will not have to spend time waiting in line or reading complicated manuals: a clear win-win situation.

We think about your 3D content across all touchpoints - from the smartphone app to augmented reality glasses. We make your company 3D-ready.

Digital Services Benefits


NMY XR Service App

NMY develops innovative usability concepts and combines these with state of the art extended reality (XR) technologies. Point in case: the new virtual manual for a SIEMENS coffee machine.

BMBF XR Eye Trainer Teaser

BMBF XR Eye Trainer

NMY's new research project enables elderly people suffering from macular degeneration to lead and independent everyday life.


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