SCHOTT AG Innovations for the Healthcare Industry

Because Human Health Matters

SCHOTT AG commissioned NMY to develop digital innovation strategies for immersive 3D technologies. The first project in the series is a XR configurator for particularly sensitive medication.


  • Increase productivity of internal processes, i.e. sales
  • Guarantee scaleability of XR / 3D infrastructure for all SCHOTT business units
  • Achieve high return on investment compared to analogue media
  • Create digital services for effective customer relationship management
  • Achieve higher learning curve in training programs
SCHOTT AG Referenz Mission

Mission XR-based Services for new Portfolio

In the future, leading special-purpose glass manufacturer SCHOTT AG endeavors to expand their product palette through new XR / 3D-based services to create digital value for communications and process optimization across all business areas.

XR Innovation Platform with IT infrastructure

Under the umbrella of the new XR / 3D business strategy, NMY develops an innovation platform for XR technologies for SCHOTT that includes an IT infrastructure. Synergies that emerge between realtime 3D media and marketing, sales, training, and customer service, are to be used effectively and sustainably. As a first proof of concept, we implemented a 3D / augmented reality app for iPads that can be used by the sales team of the business unit SCHOTT Pharma.

SCHOTT Pharma XR Pilot Application Configurator for highly sensitive medication

Biotech drugs can save lives. Due to their complex molecular structure, these types of drugs tend to react to their container. This is why they need innovative packaging that ensures compound stability throughout shelf life. With the help of the first XR pilot application, SCHOTT Pharma equips its sales department with an interactive product configurator that allows, for example, the new prefillable syriQ BioPure® syringes to be assembled according to requirements.

SCHOTT Referenz iPad App Resultat

Augmented Reality Feature Find out more with the AR + Scanner

The integrated AR scanner has the function to scan real objects, QR Codes, print templates, etc. using the camera of a smartphone, tablet or AR headset. After the scan, the application automatically opens the appropriate content. Instructions, USPs, and security recommendations are presented to the user spatially and interactively in the respective context.

XR Vision as X-Ray Vision for Business Opportunities

The underlying vision of SCHOTT AG’s XR / 3D strategy is to leverage the potential of immersive technology. This led to a first successful AR-supported mobile product configurator developed especially for the sales department. Additional value has also come to light: Through setting up 3D eco systems into the SCHOTT IT infrastructure, the operational excellence and adaptability of the company has increased. We are continuously developing further applications for other business units based on the XR / 3D strategy.