NMY XR Living Space Configurator

Configuration System for the Real Estate Industry

A well-known real estate client assigned us with the development of a comprehensive configuration concept tailored to virtual living space tours – in showrooms and with remote function.

Goals of the living space configurator project

  • Visualization of living space concepts
  • Upgrade of showroom visit
  • Selling living space upgrades
  • Improve consultation quality
  • Strengthen modern company image
  • Employ resources more responsibly
  • Internal process optimization via digitalization / real-time 3D strategy


Next Level Showroom

In the showroom, the real estate company’s customers should be able to walk virtually around properties and discover modernization measures first hand. 

Approach Systematic living space configuration

We developed a comprehensive and connected configuration system to create an integrated and novel showroom experience. On the one hand, we guarantee a flawless visit at the actual showroom. On the other hand, we enable consultants of our real estate client to decentralize their sales meetings and organize them remotely. Consultants do not need to be present physically – this is especially beneficial in Corona times and beyond. We distributed the configuration system to three applications: a mobile consultation app, a VR experience for customers, and a multi-touch application to complete the showroom visit.

NMY Case Wohnraumkonfigurator Herangehensweise

Solution | Mobile iPad app for consultants

With the smart iPad app, consultants orchestrate their customers’ showroom tour. The app enables an individual configuration of new living space and transfers this data to the VR headset, thus customers can see and experience their new setup live. Consultants can change items like floors or surfaces in the iPad app according to the wishes of their customers and they in turn can see the result straightaway in the VR headset. What’s more: consultants can save the personalized configuration and send them via various outputs such as email. Customers then receive the new setup of their property and can revisit it whenever they choose.

  • Customer check in / check out function
  • Individual configurations possible
  • Shopping basket export of configuration (for CRM, via email, etc.)
  • Management of VR and multi-touch apps
NMY Case Wohnraumkonfigurator Lösung

Solution | Virtual Reality Virtually experiencing living space

The virtual reality part of the living space configurator translates the haptic experience of the showroom, where customers can touch and feel materials and fabrics, to the visual experience of their new virtual home. This opens up new possibilities for customer loyalty and sales, because a custom-made solution can be created on the spot – and customers can be involved in the process. Plus: through the multi-user mode, consultants can transport themselves directly into the VR environment to interact with customers – no real-life presence necessary.

  • 3D real-time visual quality
  • Experience configuration live
  • Operated by consultation app
  • Multi-user mode for consultation in VR environment
NMY Case Wohnraumkonfigurator Resultat

Solution | Multi-Touch Transporting VR experience into reality

After having experienced their perfect configuration in VR, customers can revise their newly setup on a multi-touch terminal. This is also possible if there are several participants who want to experience the new living space at the same time. The VR configuration is transferred to the touch terminal and brings the showroom experience to a successful and seamless end.

  • Mirroring configuration from VR experience
  • Viewing final configuration
  • Presentation of property for all participants of the showroom tour

A new experience of living space

Next level planning. Through combining virtual 3D objects and haptic elements in the real showroom, property tours are realized on another level. High-quality living space upgrades are presented using innovative technology and inter-connected apps.

The systematic approach of the living space configurator is a valuable extension of the showroom, because it enables sales consultants to transform sales meetings into sales experiences, thus strengthening and encouraging customer relationships. The living space configuration system is scaleable and can be employed for various use case scenarios.