KTBL Cowfigurator

Easily Configure the Cow

During the "Grünen Woche" (green week) in Berlin, we proudly present the "Cowfigurator", aimed at making it easy for farmers to evaluate their livestock.

KTBL Cowfigurator Interactive knowledge transfer ipad

MISSION Interactive Knowledge Transfer

Ever since the changes in animal protection laws for agrarian businesses in 2014, owners of livestock are obligated to check their treatment of animals themselves, following strict guidelines. The advisory board KTBL, sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Nutrition, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, commissioned NMY to create a more fun, intuitive method of helping people understand the new laws.

KTBL Cowfigurator Edutainment for agriculture Approach

Approach Edutainment for Agriculture

The team at NMY eagerly dove into the project, despite the dry subject of the new animal protection act. The challenge was to intuitively explain the complex contents of the act to any livestock farmer. What we ended up with is an interactive 3D-App that allows a farmer to simply and quickly look up the status of his various livestock.

KTBL Cowfigurator Edutainment for agriculture Solution

Solution Gamification rather than Paragraphs

Consulting the Cowfigurator, the current status of an animal can be looked up and saved, step-by-step, making it easy to see whether a cow is getting too fat or has ingrowths. A short look at the 3D cow instantly shows whether the animal is healthy or whether action by the farmer is required - or a veterinarian needs to be called. Designed for iPad and Android tablets, the App will be available free of charge on the respective App-stores.


Technology Kuhfigurieren jetzt auch im Browser als WebGL Anwendung

WebGL ist eine Technologieschnittstelle, die es ermöglicht 3D-Inhalte innerhalb von Webseiten darzustellen. Die Anwendung kann also ohne Download einfach im Browser gestartet und mit der Mouse bedient werden. Indikatoren zur Erkennung verschiedener Defizite können beliebig eingestellt werden und helfen dabei den Zustand der Kuh bzw. Krankheiten zu erkennen.


KTBL Cowfigurator Edutainment for agriculture User

TECHNOLOGY The Cow Laughs in 3D

  • Multi-touch application
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Unity
  • WebGL