Fraunhofer IGD 3D-Vis Research Project


3D-VIS's partner developed a system that offers a high-performance communication instrument, aimed at providing superior capabilities to institutions, deciders and planners involved in the construction of supply networks. In an intuitive and easy manner, the app creates possible scenarios on the basis of real 3D-data and allows the user to operate it with a multi-touch-table.

Fraunhofer IGD 3D-Vis Forschungsprojekt Touchlab Approach Gallery


Based upon a broad consensus in Germany an accelerated change to a sustainable energy supply was decided. Due to this changed energy policy decision processes regarding power trail and location planning are approached with high priority. The underlying planning and implementation work is strongly influenced by different determining factors and parameters such as the current legal situation or regulation.

With conventional town & country planning and with the zoning & land development plans displayed at the town-hall or the building inspection office, not enough people get knowledge of all the facts and therefore do not participate in the discussions. Conflicts are inevitable.

The partners of 3D-VIS develop a system which offers participants, decision makers and companions of projects focusing on planning and building of public supply networks, urban construction and landscaping a unified instrument for planning, coordination and discussion.

By the unique aggregation of processes and functions into one platform, 3D-VIS can be transferred to all practices in the course of public-space-projects and has therefor a high potential for all construction-focused endeavors.

As part of Hessians pilot projects this joint endeavor is founded in the line with the Hessian development program for the energy technology push “Project promotion in the areas of energy production, energy storage, energy transport and energy efficiency”.

Project partner:

  • Fraunhofer-Institute for Visual Computing IGD (consortium manager)
  • NMY | Mixed-Reality Communication GmbH
  • tim - traffic information and management GmbH
  • HLG – Association of the Federal State of Hesse GmbH
  • InGeoForum - information- and cooperation forum for geo data of the ZGDV e.V.
  • HLBG – Hessian State Office for Ground Management and Geo Information (associated partner)