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The IdeA research project enables older people with visual impairments (macular degeneration) to lead a self-determined life and to navigate their everyday life independently - created by NMY.

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Together with experts from LMU Munich, ZEISS, Karl Eberhards University Tübingen, TalkingEyes and Blickshift, we have developed three strategic pillars.

NMY I XR Eye Tracker I VR Tool Diagnose


We use the most modern eye tracking technology to perform a perimetric eye examination. We record the visual field and thus detect deficits.

NMY I XR Eye Tracker I XR glasses

Assistance system

Mixed reality glasses provide the patient with visual information and thus enhance the peripheral field of vision.

NMY I XR Eye Tracker I Virtueller Untersuchungsraum

Virtual examination room

A telemedical portal allows communication between patients, doctors, therapists and relatives.

NMY I XR Eye Tracker I XR Diagnosetool

Thanks to mixed reality, diagnostic tools are made accessible to patients more quickly and easily in order to promote early detection of the disease.

NMY I XR Eye Tracker I XR Hardware

The technology is integrated into existing hardware in order to initiate the most organic adaptation process possible.

NMY I XR Eye Tracker I XR glasses I Training

The XR glasses have a training function that enables the patient to train from any location to better deal with their illness.

NMY I XR Eye Tracker I KI

By integrating artificial intelligence, eye movement patterns are identified in order to recognize what the user is looking for.

NMY I XR Eye Tracker I Virtueller Untersuchungsraum I Vorteile

With the virtual examination room, the patient saves arduous and avoidable visits to the doctor, while the treatment time is optimized to the minimum.

Key Takeaways

  • Future - research that creates new technologies

  • Health - early detection, perfectionated

  • Social integration - people remain human beings

  • Mental profit - for patients & doctors

  • Potential - extended reality as medicine

Do you know those horrific eye scans where a bright blue light is directed directly at the iris and you’re not allowed to blink? You have to cry. But now, this way, the examination is fun.

Ute Markal, Makula - patient

The goal was very simple: to develop technologies for diagnosis and treatment that did not even exist.

Marianna Margies, team lead NMY