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We’re proud to announce the official certification for our Virtual Aviation Training by the German Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt, LBA).

We seriously need new standards for virtual education.

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Lufthansa remains a pioneer of the aviation industry

Lufthansa utilizes NMY’s Virtual Aviation Training software to train 20,000 flight attendants per year. The program is one of the first virtual reality trainings in all of Europe.

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Safety training in virtual reality

The inspection of the VR training by the LBA took a long time – trust us, we were there. We accompanied our client Lufthansa Aviation Training throughout the entire process of certifying the training software. Lufthansa Aviation Training now has the LBA’s backing for the training and qualification of flight attendants in virtual reality. The VR modules are a mandatory part of the training and teach safety procedures before departure.

Long Term Resource-efficient

Automatization is an important buzzword of the industry 4.0. It reduces costs and streamlines processes. Lufthansa Aviation Training took the chance and now benefits from automated processes and the possibility to qualify trainees in the VR app. There is no need for trainers to be present or for actual planes to be procured – the Virtual Aviation Training saves Lufthansa millions of Euros every year.

A (Virtual) Glance at the Future

The aviation industry has been through a difficult period during the Corona pandemic. We are looking forward to its comeback. The further development of our VR training software and the establishment of new education formats are topics that are sure to keep us busy throughout 2022 and beyond.

Sebastian Demmerle, CEO

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