NMY Mixed-Reality Communication

Forschungsauftrag Augmented Reality

Research cooperation for Augmented Reality with NMY

28. May 2010

Project Aims

The rapid proliferation of 3D models and imaging systems in the construction and facility management industry offer a future where 3D “as-built” information should be available anytime and anywhere. This trend is supported by the success of BIM (Building Information Model) that supports the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle. BIM encompasses building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, and quantities and properties of building components, it is broadly accepted and it has proven its high potential for the reduction of costs resulting from inadequate interoperability in construction processes. This project builds on this great success of BIM with the aim

  • to extend the BIM with user captured data and to semantically enrich objects, elements and information branches for intelligent concatenation and information filtering on request according to role and area
  • to establish a physical token granting access at system or data level to the extended BIM
  • to connect mobile computing (Smartphonetechnologies) components to a central BIM repository (called “Life BC service backbone”)
  • to use Augmented Reality for the visualisiation of BIM data,for annotation of requests, for lifecycle documentation and monitoring of building components throughout the deployment phase
  • to use Computer Vision based tracking technologies for determination of the pose of building components and room equipment
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