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Hello NMY Montreal!

03. June 2016

NMY is going places

NMY is growing. Creative Director Brian d´Olivera will be introducing NMY to the Canadian market as NMY Mixed Reality Innovation Studios. From now on, NMY’s high-standard mixed reality applications will be created in Montreal, Quebec – with a new distinct Canadian flavor. The goal is to drive product development and establish NMY as an international authority on interactive communication. A new influx of creativity mixed with new production capacity will raise NMY to a completely new level.

Canada and especially the province Quebec are well known for their state funded R&D programs, an ideal playground for NMY’s science interest. The North American market is particularly attractive for IT businesses, so it comes as no surprise that NMY is introduced there. Montreal, the French speaking city of 4 million, houses the third largest computer games industry – a familiar environment for coder Beaulieu and designer d´Olivera. In this tech-friendly environment, Beaulieu and d´Olivera will provide a new source of ideas and visions for NMY. The workflows are agile, cloud-based via asset server, but most of all: collaborative and creative.

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