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Knowledge Exchange at the Fraunhofer IGD

12. March 2014
NMY News

Visiting Fraunhofer IGD

It is that time of year again: end of February half of NMY got on its ways to Darmstadt to meet our cooperation partner Fraunhofer IGD for a knowledge exchange on the topics augmented reality (AR) and web 3D. Prof. Bockholt, Hugo Binder, Johannes Behr, Timo Engelke, Michael Schmitt, Jens Keil and Harald Wuest were the “counterparts” at Fraunhofer for Dr. Kresse & Peter Eschler from the Technology department and Axel Heck from Business Development.

Augmented Reality algorithms

Looking at AR we were especially interested in recognition and tracking algorithms. Since more and more companies push standard software for AR solutions to the market, we wanted to know more about their compared strengths and performance. The summary: it somewhat depends on your desired usage scenario. The COTS solutions have nice user interfaces, quite comfortable options and suit well for AR communications with no fanciness or complicated objects. When it comes to the actual technological power, the individually composable algorithms from Fraunhofer are way more powerful: the bandwidth of recognizable objects and thereby possible applications yield a larger potential then the commercial solutions. But the interface is somewhat technical und needs expert knowledge or at least some training to operate.

Web 3D Production

For web 3D the dominating topics were of course the ongoing development of the standard and the process of producing and publishing web 3D content more efficiently. The Fraunhofer surprised us with a very sophisticated solution that integrated the complete chain from production to distribution and even included features of collaboration. The solution is already running with some clients and works here very well for the company-internal exchange of CAD data between engineers and designers. Really excellent - and it inspired us to check upon our own solutions for 3D web integration.


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