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Interactive Concepts for Tangible Interfaces

03. February 2014

Getting a “real” touch in art exhibitions

Within the last couple of months a new tangible application was brought to live here at NMY. Within her thesis Sarah Strebl realized a tangible art explorer around the artist Pierro Manzoni and his exhibition motto “When bodies became art”, a topic, that was an ideal candidate for NMY’s mixed reality communication philosophy. This application allows exploring digital contents around art and art genres using physical objects (“tangibles”) in a non-linear and playful manner.

Objective of the application was to expand an existing exhibition virtually and make art interactively explorable – and that as a connection of physical and digital worlds. The tangibles which a visitor can use to call up and explore digital content, are made of physical objects that represent works of art, motives, artists, a certain period in art history or other useful “categories” of art exhibitions. These objects allow a completely new way to interact and explore digital content that is displayed on a special multi-touch display. Newly designed interaction concepts were implemented and tested, such as the dynamic association, which allows “combining” different physical objects and getting new digital content out of the combination. Even though the existing application is made for single user scenarios, the application can principally been used by a number of visitors synchronously. The application and its graphical representation were designed in a modular framework, so it can easily be expanded with new content and grow with the museum, its volume in artwork and its exhibitions.

Tangible Media Exhibit

Interactive Presentation

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