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Successful finish for the research project LIFE-BC

21. November 2013

Augmented Reality, Sensortechnologie and Real Estate Data

The research project „LIFE-BC“ of the Fraunhofer IGD, in which NMY participated, was finished this month. The results which demonstrate a solution for incorporating augmented reality (AR), sensor technology, architecture visualization and standardized data models, were presented in Paris.

A board of experts from science, business and technology institutions assessed the outcome of the research project very positively. On the basis of the developed innovation new applications in the area of construction planning and building as well as maintenance (for machines and facilities) can be realized. Building structures are identified with the use of sensor fusion and marker-less recognition and used for 6-pose-location determination. Depending on the current task relevant data such as wall construction layers, pipes, wiring or insulating materials is augmented in correct 3D perspective upon the real camera picture of any mobile device. The underlying standardized data can be changed and amended live in order to collaborate meaningful between the different interest groups (architects, engineers, craftsmen, security companies, ...) during the building life cycle.

NMY was appointed to the research project as industry expert to evaluate the technological innovations and their use in a business and communication context. NMY offers hardware and system solutions that are needed to present virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications. Furthermore NMY supports the market penetration of new technologies by integrating them in current customer projects and implementation consulting.

The marker-less recognition as well as the interactive and collaborative innovations open up new augmented reality applications in the field of communication, especially with „varying outer parametes“, to say light, color, contrast or figure. The now stable recognition is vital for AR apps and broadens reasonable implementations for outside areas (building, billboards, ad displays, signs, ...) and mobile AR solutions.


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