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Interactive communication spaces and experiences

Mixed-Reality Experiences create your message! NMY develops interactive applications, immersive showrooms and multimedia trade fair exhibits. We realize sales apps, marketing and edutainment tools with (web) 3D, augmented and virtual reality components as well as with classical means.


Interactive Spaces and Environments

NMY transfers brands, products and information into a world of virtual, interactive and sense-intense character. Our spectrum is a well-balanced blend of innovative technologies, modern user interfaces, patented software and a specific design know how. With our five service units we accompany our clients’ mixed-reality concepts from start to finish, helping them to build sustainable, effective and individually tailored solutions.

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01 Concept | Prototyping

During our communication consulting we analyze the company situation, products and processes relevant to the targeted communication goals. From there we develop solid communication strategies and realization concepts. With the technological expertise of many years in interactive marketing, we are the perfect sparring partner for planning your digital sales tools and interactive exhibits.

  • Requirement Analysis and Needs
  • Interactive Communication Concepts
  • Storyboarding and Conception
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Prototyping and Technical Development Planning
01 Concept Prototyping
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02 Design | Media

Design in interactive communication is more than just look and shine. During this phase our UI experts work in close cooperation with our artists to create great style with great usability. That way messages are in context and become part of a larger, cross-media concept that will work in all desired channels and technologies.

  • User Experience Design
  • Interface- and Screen Design
  • 3D Design and New Media Design
  • CGI / Renderings
  • Corporate Movies
02 Design | Media
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03 Software | Technology

This phase is all about realizing thrilling interactions with a portfolio of available technologies. From desktop, web or mobile applications, digital realtime realms or backend integration - everything needs to work within the given hardware setup and in relation to other systems. No matter what the actual virtual endeavor is about - we know the appropriate standards and have the bright idea to bring it to life.

  • Software Engineering
  • Technology Development
  • 3D Programming
  • Web­ and Mobile Development
  • iOS / Android / Windows / Linux
03 Software | Technology
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04 Media | Architecture

Immersion is about experiencing with a multitude of different senses. That’s what makes the physical exhibit and the hardware setup, which we call ‘media architecture’, a crucial part of the overall project. Here we create ergonomic constructions and integrate sensors, tracking systems and touch screens, then combine it with the necessary computer electronics. The resulting interplay of modern exhibition architecture, interactive media, light and sound is what has fascinated our clients over the years.

  • Multi-media Exhibits and Digital Signage
  • Virtual Showrooms and Presentation Systems
  • Media Installations and 3D Technology
04 Media | Architecture
For a long life

05 Service | Support

Understanding all of our products, interactive exhibits and 3D solutions from the hardware and software side is the core competence of this unit. We accompany our clients throughout the life cycle of their interactive marketing apps and exhibits. This encompasses setting them up in showrooms, maintaining them and improving them with updated content, new ideas or better technologies. Our service also incorporates trainings for your employees on how to use the new marketing tools effectively in different sales situations.

  • Project Management
  • IT-Support
  • On­site Service
  • Training and Instruction
  • Digital Reporting Systems
05 Service | Support
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