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AR and 3D apps for the outernet

Innovative and yet playful communication with AR

With the help of screens, cameras and sensor technology, augmented reality (AR) mediates additional digital information into the physical environment and puts the user in a world of paralleled perception and cognition. Thereby augmented reality or augmentation of your messages into the real world are important components for your 3D marketing. The possibilities for applications for interactive product and company communication are as much diverse and far-reaching as they are customer centric and specific. With our augmented reality and design solutions the elements of real life become interactive interfaces and messengers for your communication. Augmented realitymodules are often used in combination with touch applications so they can be controlled using a smartphone, iPad, tablet or desktop PC. Distribution of augmented reality apps can be managed over the web or via the different app stores.

  • AR integration in trade fair and print material (banners, panels, space dividers)
  • Interactive visualizations of architecture, machinery, interior views or complex compounds
  • 3D Model viewers and process animations
  • Information and simulation systems
  • E-learning, edutainment and maintenance/repair support systems
  • Casual gaming in combination with marketing materials (e.g. flyers or product packaging)
  • Amplification of POS handouts and sales information
Poster tracking

Marker-based augmentation

Mostly all smartphones and tablet computers have a camera and a gyro sensor to gather optical information and data about the orientation and bias of the device for the  augmented realitysoftware. To unlock augmented reality’s possibilities you need a marker which is mostly a “normal” picture or graphic that you have previously produced in your marketing activities. That is why AR can be combined so easily with already existing materials such as analog sales collateral, and thereby target different customer groups with classic print brochures and as well as digital content. During the augemented reality app development NMY chooses the best recognitions and tracking algorithms for your app, may that be from the metaio SDK, Qualcom Vuforia or the very powerful modules from the Fraunhofer IGD.

Edge detection and more

Augmentation with 3D object recognition

An extraordinary augmented realityexperience unfolds when hardware, software and content work together in a perfectly concerted way. 3D object recognition and edge detection bringsaugmented realityto a new level since building facades, real products (not product shots) and nearly every three-dimensional object or device can now be superposed with digital 3D data and visualizations. Unlike marker-based AR technology, the software processes the real 3D model data from the object which allows new applications and functionality. Today AR experiences are started mainly from mobile devices, but soon accessories such as  augmented reality and virtual reality devices (such as Google Glass) or holo screens may take over this role. NMY offers custom-made AR apps to create new levels of information to your products and allow for realtime animations and interactions.

Application examples

Versatile application scenarios for augmented reality in real estate marketing

In the realm of property and buildings marketing marker-based augmented reality technology transfers ground plots, plan drawings, brochures, stand-up displays or flyers into interactive 3D real estate worlds. Users discover with holographic apps their own perspectives within an object by turning and twisting the tablet or smartphone in the desired position or moving the marker. From the room arrangement via partitioning to design and planning details – all facets of real estate projects are brought to life from both the inside and outside perspective. The observer is free to choose different interactions and functions as listed below.

Augmented reality and real estate: application examples

  • 360° panoramas and 3D visualizations
  • Virtual walkthroughs
  • Site and location information
  • Preparation of investor and milestone meetings
  • Combinable with multi-touch applications
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