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Multi-Touch 3D Apps

Multi-touch apps by NMY are made of interactive 3D stories that play in your company’s world. They create lively interactions with products and services, promote a hands-on understanding of scientific or complex topics and present your messages via trendsetting interfaces – all at your finger tips. And that accross all different kind of durfaces and hardware: smartphone apps, tablet apps, stationary applications with multi touch tables or multi touch walls.

With advances through technical innovation and the evolution of digitalization haptics, physical interaction with digital worlds becomes increasingly important. Customers favor information that they can literally feel and experience with their senses - that is why mobile multi-touch apps are an important component in today’s marketing. Apps by NMY are built with an intuitive user interface, exciting 3D designs and revealing possibilities for interaction to intensify the customers’ attention for and retention of your messages in the mobile channel.


1. Cloud-based CMS and Authoring Systems

With the NMY content management system you can administer your content a single time via a browser-based interface and subsequently publish your media to any other multi-touch device that is part of your digital sales channel portfolio.

 2. Multi-Touch Table

Impressive touch presentations: with exhibit and hardware offerings from NMY such as the exclusive multi-touch plug and play system TOUCHLAB®, your communication becomes an innovative experience with a magnificent appearance.

 3. Point of Interest / Point of Sales

Multi-touch steles can show your customer the best offer, the shortest way or an eye-catching 3D presentation with touch interactions. With the optional enhancement of tracking systems, like Kinect for example, the autonomous system additionally recognizes movements, gestures and faces and interacts personally and individually with your visitor.

4. Multi-Touch Wall

With our multi-touch wall solutions in nearly all sizes and configurations you can create exciting applications in showrooms, trade fairs or visitor areas. They are especially suited for multi user apps and joint interaction.

5. Mobile Apps (Tablet apps, smartphone apps, Unity3D apps)

Mobile devices complement stationary systems in a perfect manner. With our integrated solutions you simply take your interactive presentation from large scale displays with you to the next customer meeting using a tablet. Or your customer can download sales apps directly from the iTunes store and take his or her own time to experience your products.

  • Windows 8 Phone Apps
  • iOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • BlackBerry Apps

Micro- and Macrocosms in 3D

NMY's special expertise lies in designing interactive 3D communication and creating immersive marketing experiences. We have done communication based on real time interactive 3D with Unity3D since the first days of our company and we are continuously working to develop and improve customer-centric, ergonomic and economic 3D communication. NMY was on the forefront of incorporating the benefits of game engine technology into creating informative and interactive marketing apps and multitouch software, and ever since we have worked hard to integrate them with all other tools along the production line for great 3D communication. With our expertise in integrating these digital 3D worlds with surprising physical exhibits we create convincing mixed-reality communication for our customers.


Mobile 3D Apps

Tablets like the iPad, Nexus and others evolve quickly and have established themselves as essential parts of the daily digital life. NMY designs apps for nearly all types of devices - apps which can also complement stationary systems very well. You can easily take the interactive app with you to the next customer meeting, make an app available for your sales staff or distribute it to customers via app stores such as iTunes, GooglePlay or WindowsPhone.

Our scope for mobile apps (tablet apps and smartphone apps):

  • Interactive 3D visualizations
  • HTML5 web applications
  • Interactive papers, magazines or books
  • Digital product catalogues
  • Serious games and E-learning apps
  • App shop integration and servicing
  • For Windows, iOS, Android

Showreel 2011


NMY References

Gather momentum in the digital age with interactive communication. With our multitouch applications you can strengthen your sales activities with remarkable presentations on a great variety of multi-touch devices.

  • Product and service presentations
  • Data visualization
  • 3D design and interactions
  • Digital signage (all-in-one)
  • Edu- and infotainment
  • Configurators
  • Info terminals for lobbies and shops
  • Individual multi touch development and multitouch programming

Handhelds as ubiquitous companions

78 percent of users say that by now they can’t do without their iPad or tablet anymore. Nearly half of the users always have their device with them. Whether that means in the living room, in bed or at the dinner table – the tablet PC is used mainly in so-called lean-back situations at home. And 89 percent also use it away from home and on the road.

Convenience atmosphere and special usability have lead to an increased attractiveness of media consumption. 62 percent of all users have more fun reading a certain media on the iPad than the printed version of it.

What speaks for using tablets and apps:

  • Efficient new business acquisitions and increased customer loyalty
  • Tablets are used by a great number of desirable target groups in private and business situations
  • Users spend more time using apps than classical print media or websites
  • Excellent tools for supporting your sales workforce
  • Improved and innovative brand building
  • Apps are permanently present: once installed they are connected to the user’s home screens

Multi-Touch Wall

NMY's multi-touch wall solutions offers outstanding image and video quality combined with excellent touch logging for multi-user scenarios. Several people can interact simultaneously and access different media and apps independent of each other. Visitors can choose their own wall to interact together or go with their personal flow and journey. This multimedia wall is an experience-driven presentation and interaction medium that perfectly suits modern foyers and showrooms.


The multi-touch wall is a modular and freely configurable sequence of touch-enabled displays that integrate into a larger "single" screen. The monitors are specially designed and produced for this purpose and have nearly frameless mounts that increase the quality of the visible areas by reducing the development of edges and margins between the stacked displays.


NMY offers different technological solutions for the installation and interactive enhancements of the multi-touch wall. The best possible set-up depends directly upon the kind of application, the desired size / location / life time and the interaction concept of the installation. An example of how such variables influence technological options is the touch recognition and handling. Depending on the requirements, the following state-of-the-art technologies can be options for the overall exhibit:

  • Computer Vision Through Screen Multi-Touch Modules (CVTS)
  • Infra-red systems
  • Optical tracking via Radar, Kinect or laser
Interaction at its best


The plug & play multi-touch table by NMY inspires on trade fairs, road shows and in showrooms.

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