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Real-time visualization and relevant information for every industry, virtual products, and brand experiences for digital marketing as well as interactive 360° storytelling. NMY are experts in mixed-reality media and have been developing high level design- and software solutions for VR since 2008.


VR Benefits

Our virtual reality solutions enable the easy completion of jobs. They also improve existing processes and reduce time spent on onboarding and training. Businesses benefit from interactive step-by-step instructions right in their employees’ field of vision, thus reducing cost and risk of error in production, repair, maintenance, and many other areas.

B. Braun Melsungen AG

The NMY Gamification Method

The NMY Gaming experts love to develop gamified VR applications. UX designs and game typical elements such as high scores, rankings, and virtual goods encourage users to continuously use and experience our applications. They also lead to higher learning curves and more customer loyalty.

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VR with Eye Tracking Technology

We created a VR application for the HTC VIve for healthcare client ZEISS that shows how every-day activities like playing ping pong become hard to navigate with a visual impariment. By introducing eye tracking technology into the VR setup, we are able to realistically recreate eye diseases. The application is used for training purposes and for sales activities.

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Samsung | Städel Museum

Educational Mobile Apps

There are many ways to effectively use VR technologies for both employees and clients. Traditional seminar formats generate more value through new media and realistic simulations. Onboarding and training costs can be reduced, because there are considerably fewer on-site events.

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Bang & Olufsen | Audi

Marketing & Sales

Virtual reality attracts the most attention of any technology. This is due to the full immersion into the content. In combination with sound, viewers forget about their real-life environment and pay their fullest attention to the communication at hand. More experience and efficiency for marketing, trade shows, and exhibitions. Emotional, impressive, and without taking up a lot of space.

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NMY. Experts for over 10 years

NMY accompanies you on your journey from the very first draft of an idea to the concept and design, and NMY also handles the technical development and maintenance of your application. We offer mobile and stationary solutions for headsets ranging from high end to cardboard. Impress your customers with natural user interfaces, and the outstanding user experience offered by NMY.

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