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Fascinating new possibilities and dimensions

Since 2007 NMY develops high-class communication and digtial marketing solutions based on Unity. As one of the first agencies in Europe NMY has recognized the undisovered potential of game development technologies for modern marketing and has successfully transfered sophisticated communication concepts in the world of interactive 3D many times ever since.
With Unity and our innovative expansions we create outstanding interactive applications for marketing and sales that are also seamlessly integrated with backend functions such as CRM, data acquisition, web integration and information distribution.

Be inspired by the official Unity showreel and find new application possibilities for your industry sector!


  • Prodcution and presentation of interactive 3D stereo content
  • Creation of realtime applications for touch, pc and mobile platforms, independed from the particular operating system
  • 3D web applications with or without plugin
  • Creation and integration of augmented reality, virtual reality and extended reality apps
  • Connecting control interfaces and sensors (gestured-based controls, motion tracking, mobile control devices for exhibits)
  • Content production and adaptions for projecion mapping installations
  • 3D Visualization of real time data (geo data from architectural or land planing, flight data in aviations, etc.)
  • Process visualizations and interactive presentations of complex transactions
  • Integration of modelling and CAD program (e.g. 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Blender)
  • High class animations, renderings and integrated CGI production
Easy-to-use 3D technology

Unique innovations in integrated structures

We have fused the fascinating world of interactive 3D with the requirements of digital marketing and are today capable of realizing pratically every customer demand on function and content with Unity. Over the last years our innovative expansions have tought our Unity applications things that others believed to be impossible with this technology. This makes NMY unique among digital marketing agencies and enables us to deliver customer solutions that are in form, quality and efficacy inimitable. These innovations cover, among others, the following:

  • Enablement of steady and multi-functional touch and gesture-based controls in interactive 3D space
  • Calibration-enabled Stereo 3D rendering of real time content for projectors, TV devices and monitors
  • Embedding of different media material in real time environments, such as audio, images, movies and HTML code
  • Frameworks for creating and controlling user interfaces and screen elements
  • Extensive expansions of special effects in animations, camera drives, object presentation and shading
  • Automized parsing and translator solutions for content transformation
  • Workflow solutions for the creation, processing and integration of 3D objects and animations including their behaviour in space and over time
  • Editor expansion for semi-automated control of code quality, bug correction, multi-developer management and workflow pipelines

Our experience in interactive 3D technologies such as Unity guarantees a fast and economical production, since all our developments are based on an integrated software stack with robust components. Our developments are furthermore .NET based and therefor compatible to all industry standards in the area of networking, data bases and data formats.

At NMY we build on sustainable and professional software engineering. We put our applications on a unified code basis, to make them not only fascinating, but also technically mature and cross-platform enabled. And that we do for the complete range of human-machine-interfaces such as classical PC and web, touch surfaces of different sizes, augmented and virtual reality devices, transparent displays, tangible interfaces or gestured-based controls.

Tech Portfolio for interactive 3D, Web 3D and backend integration
Experts for digital production and design

Comprehensive tool suite

NMY uses a number of useful and productive tools and programs for web development, data base integration, augmented and virtual (AR and VR) programming as well as 3D / CGI / Design in order to realize the versatile requirements for interactive marketing and sales tools.

Showreel with cross industry solutions

Interactive 3D Use Cases

The official Unity showreel demonstrates, how interactive 3D can be utilized in different industry applications.

  • Architecture and interiour design visualization
  • Product configurators
  • Management and data visualization
  • Training and education
  • Installations and exhibits
  • Fitness and health
  • Discovery, interactive books and magazines

The software can be combined with different hardware setups, like PCs, touch tables and touch walls, see-through displays, tablets and smartphones, virtual reality goggles or sensors such as radar, kinect or leap motion.

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