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Brand buildig in the interactive age

Facination 3D for your services and products

The three-dimensional and interactive representation of messages, visualizations and information offers two essential advantages for your customer communications:
First, the depth and spatiality of 3D presentations fascinates the beholder and abduct him emotionally into realms of unanticipated realness. The mergence of reality and virtuality is an impressive experience which is called "immersion". Creativity, marketing message and technology are brought together into a inimitable form of communication that is vivid and attentively intense.

Second, the connectivity, combination and use of your company's offerings can be communicated transparent, concrete and graphically convincing. With this form of communication new perspectives arise to illuminate the uniqueness of a product and the value of a brand for your customers. Brand and products are in interactive 3D communication far better understandable and digitally tangible at the same time.

This digital touch point with a company and its market offers can be used in today's marketing and sales in general communications, product information, training, external representation and public affairs as well. NMY is your trusted partner in creating such interactive messages that adhere to their receiver and create a unexpected closeness to the customers.

Stereoscopic 3D apps - free floating fascination
New communication in space

Interactive 3D presentations

With the s3D technology innovation developed by NMY we are a pioneer in Germany, since our interactively controlable stereo 3D apps come close to the futue of the Enterprise's Holo Deck.
All you need for a 3D presenation is a multi touch device such as a tablet or a multi touch terminal, a 3D projector or 3D TV and 3D glasses. Using this equiment a 3D app can show interactive service and company worlds, exemplify processes, visualize realtime data, configure products in 3D and offer new view points on a known matter. And everything is now, in color and free floating at your fingertips!


Next to 3D projections in the highest possible quality our technology allows for lower priced 3D-TV solutions, that are more suitable for point of interests with a larger audience, numerous exhibits or for customer's use at home with own devices.

3D presentations and shows are often used on events, road shows or trade fairs. Not only to present a special gimmick and WOW effect. But especially to bring complex matters closer to a selected audience. The spatial representation of information offers more possibilities to respond to special use cases and applications as well as to llustrate product features and functions comprehensibly to the customer.

NMY's 3D apps run not only with special 3D equipment. Of course all our apps can be viewed in classical non-stereo interface on PCs, tablets or even the internet, at no additional costs for our customers.

Starting with the interactive 3D marketing and sales is not rocket science anymore. Powerful and impressive 3D applications are easy to realize with today's projector, TV, monitor and mobile device technology and the appropriate 3D software. No matter whether you want to present your products, emotionalize your brand or pull visitors attention on trade fairs or showrooms. NMY has combined its year-long experience on numerous projects into a strong skill set. Choosing the right mix of design and technology and create an unreached 3D experience for your customers is NMY's core competence. 

Project example: 3D-Multi-Media Presentation System

Mini Dealer Show Madrid

Change in perspective on product and architectural surfaces

3D projection mapping (video mapping)

3D mapping is the seamless and pixel-matching projection of 3D videos on three-dimensional surfaces to create dramatic and eye-fooling effects. With the help of a projector and a special 3D software animations are brought onto products, architectural structures or objects to create ever-changing illusions and dynamically adjusting graphical compositions. Similar to a chamaeleon the 3D mapping alters the obeserved continuously and offers 3D insights where customers only expect untransparent surfaces. Additionally the beholder can interact with the projection and trigger different perspectives, animations or information.

NMY's 3D mapping technology is used on events, shows, promotional stands or trade fairs. Our services compromises well established solutions and creative work for running an interactive 3D video installations. With the right hardware configurations, best-in-class 3D program development and excellent motion design we create an unrivaled form of communication for your messages.

For this we can bring additional 3D layers, 3D animations and 2D videos and information to nearly any three-dimensional object, be it a car, a building or your newest consumer product. Rigid surface structures become living protagonists for new media orchestrations; the sky is the limit for your creative ideas in interactive 3D video mapping!

Holographic Installations for product shows
Holographic display windows and point-of-sale exhibits

Holographic Installations

With a clever combination of different hardware and software solutions NMY can visualize any 3D model and representation in color, interactivly manipulable and freefloating in space. These first-class installations catch visitor attention, animate them to try out and get informed right away. Additionally this three-dimensional perspective "without additives" (such as 3D glasses for example) offers unexpected insights in product portfolios, that impact with their otherness and plasticity.

Get impressed with levitating and tangible light and use appropriate sound design to put your customers in paralleled perception as in Star Wars or Minority report - but now it is live and "real". More over, the customer can interact with NMY's holographic exhibits using gestures or touches to call up movies, informations or animations. The holograms are created using autosterescopic displays, see-through LCDs or semi-transparent glass. They are often installed in sales and show rooms or special exhibition locations.

Project example: Holographic product show

Futuristic interfaces and immersion

Virtual Reality and 3D journeys

Virtual reality and 3D journeys allow to explore areas in an unimagined and disarming manner which other interfaces can neither offer nor impress with. A company's product and service offerings are exemplified and visualized in a continuous universe, where the traveller can navigate unbridled through different fields of application or information areas.

Nothing disturbs the immversive experience since the user is moving completely in 3D with no disruptive external factors. He can take the place of e.g. a product on its journey from research over design to market launch. That way he becomes the main actor in an interactive 3D movie, where he can take influence on the story line on own discretion. Virtual reality apps can also be controlled via the internet, reaching a large audience and thereby offer users the possibility to examine the company's virtual portfolio from their own premise.

Along the 3D journey routes the VR app offers hot spots and interaction points where the traveller can trigger animations, call up certain details and dive deeper into the different areas of information and visualization. Such interaction points are activated in virtual spaces using hand gestures, that are tracked via a sensor on the VR goggles, motion-capturing tools or cord less control devices.

More info: concept and realization of virtual reality apps 

Project example: Virtual Reality Rebranding Campaign 

Virtual journeys in a brand universe of product and service
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