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In 2009 NMY realised a 3D-multi-touch presentation system for our client Cassidian. For the worldwide use in exhibitions and showrooms, the application needed to be transposed to an even more comprehensive and more realistic level.

Airbus Defense and Space

Virtual 3D Showroom


Marketing and Distribution Tool

In 2010 NMY was tasked to bring the multi-touch 3D presentation system onto the next level, including products, systems, data, statistics, political- as well as marketing messages. Cassidian's 3D-world was to be gradually presented for marketing and sales at exhibitions, showrooms and 1:1 presentations on big and small multi-touch devices. Even the multi-touch-table TOUCHLAB® was favoured for a quick and flexible utilization at smaller exhibitions.

Touchlab 3D Presentation
2D, 3D Interfaces

Combination of Multi-Touch and Stereo 3D

For an even more impressive experience, NMY developers designed an open interface within the software, allowing networking of the multi-touch tablet, a sound system, a LED light-installation as well as a projection display.

Because VIP-exhibition visitors and groups have differing timeframes when it comes to looking at a booth, a high degree of free interaction without linear paths affords them the access they need. Utilizing 2D- and 3D interface navigation, a multi-touch operator can simulate and visualize products and processes as well as data and interactive charts and present them appealingly.


Delighted by a Virtual World

For this project over 400 3D-models, a multitude of 3D-terrains, complex realtime motion graphics as well as over 600 sound samples were created. The interactive application encompasses simulations, product presentations, e-learning applications and data visualization.

The new system was an instant success. At their booth, Cassidian was able to log very high dwelling times of their customers during sales conversations. Cassidian was able to substantiate its message as an innovative company with modern and contemporary info- and edutainment applications. Further measures were planned for 2011 in order to make the application more versatile and encompassing and integrate it even more into the structure of distribution. Especially the expansion of 3D stereo for 3D presentations has developed into a fascinating feature of the virtual 3D showroom over the years.

Interactive Application
Virtual Worlds

Interactive Application

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